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Democrats Pressed on Immigration to Boost Hispanic Vote in 2022

Democrats are under pressure to find an immigration proposal that conforms with Senate budget rules ahead of a midterm election in which the party must motivate Hispanic voters to turn out.

Iowa District Map Faces Uphill Sell to Republican Legislature

A proposed remap of Iowa’s congressional districts released Thursday by a nonpartisan state agency may not survive scrutiny by the Republican-led state legislature.

Virginia Race Tests Political Messaging Ahead of 2022 Midterms

The competitive Virginia governor race is serving as a testing ground for midterm congressional campaign messaging, as both parties put together strategies to sway voters next year.

Iowa’s Nonpartisan Redistricting Set for State GOP Majority Test

Iowa’s Legislative Services Agency will release its first set of political maps by Sept. 16, making the state one of the first to initiate congressional redistricting and setting the table for multiple House races to watch next year.

Republicans Seek Midterm Advantage From Afghanistan Withdrawal

America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is already playing a role in Republican efforts to win back control of the House and Senate, with GOP campaign committees highlighting news coverage of the chaotic scenes at the Kabul airport in videos and other messaging.

Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over Districts Drawn by Race (1)

States that go beyond the minimum requirements of federal law to preserve minority voting power could be sued for “racial gerrymandering,” a national Republican group said.

Democrats’ House Grip Relies on Holding Districts Trump Carried

Republicans’ path to winning the House majority runs through more than a half-dozen Democratic-held districts Donald Trump carried in 2020.

Infrastructure Drives Political Messaging for Recessed Lawmakers

Sen. Mark Kelly had barely returned home this week from a marathon legislative session when he was out on the road touting the massive infrastructure package passed by the Senate.

House Democrats Hope to Defy History by Touting Legislative Wins

House Democrats’ ability to defy historical trends and retain the majority in 2022 may hinge on their success in passing ambitious legislation on issues such as infrastructure and taxes.

PAC Money Plunge Offset by Explosion in Online Campaign Giving

The steep dropoff in political action committee contributions to members of Congress this year likely won’t bring the same concerns for incumbents that it once might have.