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Democrats’ List of At-Risk Incumbents Illuminates 2022 Challenge

The House Democrats’ campaign arm expanded its roster of politically vulnerable members to include some from decidedly Democratic-leaning districts that may become highly competitive in a favorable environment for Republicans.

Vulnerable Lawmakers Push for Expedited China Competition Bill

Democrats facing challenging re-elections are seizing on a bill to boost U.S. competitiveness with China to help address voters’ concerns about inflation and supply chain issues ahead of the midterms.

Schumer Grasps for Democratic Unity With Majority on the Line

Chuck Schumer began his second year as majority leader staring down the possibility that it may be his last.

Redistricting Turns Allies Into Rivals as Lawmakers Get Paired

Redistricting has already produced a handful of awkward clashes between House incumbents from the same party, and more may be on the way.

Democrats Pursue Legislative Wins in Challenging Election Year

Congressional Democrats are trying to salvage an election-year agenda after the defeat Wednesday of their voting rights legislation.

Kentucky Congressional Map Enacted After GOP Overrides Governor

A congressional map designed to preserve a 5–1 Republican advantage in Kentucky’s U.S. House delegation will become law after the GOP legislature Thursday easily overrode Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto.

Redistricting Pits Democratic Incumbents in Atlanta-area Clash

Two House Democrats are facing off in a redistricting-forced primary near Atlanta that will be defined by geography, identity, and ideology.

Vulnerable Democrats Urge Progress on Biden’s Economic Agenda

House Democrats facing competitive re-elections are growing frustrated with the lack of progress on the wide-ranging social spending and tax plan.

McConnell Renews Drive to Scrap Fundraising Curbs in Court Case

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is reviving his longstanding crusade against campaign finance restrictions, joining a Supreme Court case that could further erode fundraising curbs for the midterm elections and beyond.

Senate Rules Fight Could Be Advanced By House’s NASA Gambit

Democrats preparing for a showdown on Senate debate rules as soon as this week are eyeing an unrelated NASA bill to force the issue.