8/30 Featured
Congress is out of session, candidates are out on the trail. But your competitive fire never goes out. Channel it into mini golf for all the marbles. OK, maybe not the marbles. But bragging rights.
8/31 Breakfast
Expediting Critical Solutions: Army Secretary Eric Fanning
Since Eric Fanning was confirmed as Secretary of the Army last May, he has said that acquisition reform, including the establishment of a Rapid Capabilities Office to expedite the fielding of critical solutions, was one of his top priorities. On August 31st, Secretary Fanning will address these and other topics in remarks and a moderated discussion with Bloomberg's Tony Capaccio.
9/8 Featured
The clock is ticking. Sept. 8 marks the 60 day deadline for congressional hopefuls to convince voters that they are the best candidates to represent their home state in the United States Senate. Join Bloomberg election experts for a webinar on Sept. 8 as we discuss the outlook for key Senate races.
9/16 Breakfast
Powering Up Diversity: Tech Moving Forward
Organizations thrive when diverse ideas are at work—a principle shared by both Bloomberg LP and the Congressional Black Caucus. Join us and members of the Congressional Black Caucus task force on Sept. 16 to discuss the path towards equal opportunity in the technology industry.
9/26 Event
Clinton vs. Trump in Debate #1: This Should Be Good…
The most wild, unpredictable and negative election season in modern history comes to a head on Sept. 26, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage for what is expected to be a bigger television draw than the conventions, the Olympics or the Super Bowl. Don’t view it alone. Bloomberg Government, along with Bloomberg Radio host Michael McKee will host a pre-debate conversation with DC insiders and politicos to discuss what to expect during the debate followed by a viewing on the big screen.

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