2/28 Round Table
The Next Generation of Climate Conversations: A Town Hall Discussion
Building on the conversations hosted at the 2016 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention, Bloomberg Government, in partnership with Defend Our Future, will continue its series of discussions around the future of climate and environmental policy. As the Trump Administration takes office and begins to set its agenda for the next four years, Bloomberg Government will convene a cross-section of young leaders from across the political spectrum for a town hall conversation to discuss their perspectives and priorities around climate and the environment.
3/1 Featured
In this tense climate, managing supply chain risk is more critical than ever. Supply chain professionals leverage Bloomberg's transparent data and sophisticated tools to uncover risk and negotiate better positions with suppliers. On March 1st, tune in to see how Bloomberg’s industry-leading platform for news, data, and analytical tools, provides purchasing professionals with the insights needed to deliver cost savings and security to their global supply chains.
3/7 Featured
Agencies could commit more than $1 billion in fiscal 2017 to insider threat countermeasures, according to Bloomberg Government data. BGOV defined an insider-threat market that shows how the government buys user authentication, employee monitoring and intrusion mitigation hardware, software and services. Join us to examine how Bloomberg Government defined the market, opportunities to watch, and how the Trump administration plans to combat leaks.
3/14 Featured
Where's the budget? While President Trump missed the statutory deadline in early-February, the White House is expected to send topline numbers for the fiscal 2018 budget to Capitol Hill in mid-March. Join Bloomberg Government experts on March 14th as we break down the proposed plan, examine the timeline for action and asses the potential effects on various industries.

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