10/26 Featured
The Tower Club Tysons Corner  |   8000 Towers Crescent Dr #1700  |   Vienna, VA 22182  |  
New regulations, technologies and geopolitical realities have made supply chain risk an issue faced by an increasing number of federal contractors. The Defense Department is concerned, and has increased efforts to enhance protection of critical technologies.
10/27 Breakfast
Bloomberg Government  |   1101 K Street NW, Suite 500  |   Washington, DC 20005  |  
On November 9th, the winning presidential candidate will celebrate their victory as their months of hard work have finally paid off. But quietly behind the scenes, a whole team of transition experts will immediately spring into action to ensure their candidate's arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is seamless. Policy priorities are strategically thought through, short lists are created for cabinet positions and briefing materials are written to prepare new staffers within agencies.
11/3 Featured
Congressional candidates have been on the campaign trail for months, attempting to convince voters of their superiority. With only a few weeks remaining, election exerts have solidified their predictions of how the races will play out.
11/30 Featured
Come Nov. 9 thousands of jobs will become available across the federal government, and the city of Washington will be abuzz with one question: how do I get a political appointment? Knowing exactly which jobs are available is the first step.

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