9/20 Featured
Bloomberg Government  |   1101 K St NW, 5th Floor  |   Washington, DC 20005
While the future of health care reform remains uncertain, state officials are moving forward with policy changes by applying for state innovation waivers offered as an option in Section 1332 in the Affordable Care Act.
9/26 Event
Inspiring Innovation 2017: Fintech, AI and The Digitization of Finance
Financial technology, powered by artificial intelligence and new innovations in blockchain technology, is driving the next disruption in the financial services industry.
10/3 Breakfast
Bloomberg Government  |   1101 K Street, NW  |   Washington, DC 20005
Discover the benefits and risks to minority patients as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services transitions from fee-for-service to value-based delivery and payment models, rewarding value and merit over quantity of services.
10/10 Breakfast
Bloomberg Government  |   1101 K St NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005
Join Bloomberg Government for the annual Army Market Budgets and Opportunities Breakfast to review top upcoming Army contracting opportunities and the outlook for key Army priorities in the fiscal 2018 appropriations endgame and beyond.
10/11 Event
1101 K St NW #500  |   Washington, DC 20005
10/17 Event
Bloomberg Government   |   1101 K St NW  |   Washington, DC 20005
The nation’s housing crisis is intensifying as the supply of affordable multifamily homes falls short of growing demand, while conditions appear likely to worsen in coming years.

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