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Bloomberg Government is the most comprehensive source of information and analytics for professionals who interact with—or are affected by—the government. Delivering rich data, sophisticated tools and breaking news alongside original, in-depth analysis from policy and contracting experts, BGOV solutions help government affairs and government contracting professionals perform at the top of their game.
The BGOV platform delivers best-in-class solutions for:

  • Government relations professionals
  • Government contracting strategy & business development teams
  • Federal agency officials
  • Congressional staffers

A powerful, customizable platform

Through its completely customizable interface, the BGOV platform enables you to examine all federal legislative, regulatory and contracting activities in an easy-to-search format. All the information your whole team needs to exert influence or capture opportunities is contained in one, easy-to-navigate tool. Bloomberg Government’s complete solution eliminates the need for multiple information services—saving time, reducing costs and delivering the insight you need to make smarter, faster decisions.

An unrivaled approach

Bloomberg Government has the best data, technology and analysts in the business. It’s this unique combination of information, platform and people that gives you an edge. We not only scrub and aggregate publicly available data, we combine it with proprietary research, place it in context and provide powerful analytics that enable you to put it to work. All with unmatched speed.

An industry leader

Bloomberg is the acknowledged leader in global financial news, data and analytics. We bring that same reputation and expertise to the business of government—along with a commitment to technology and innovation that ensures that the BGOV web-based solution is continually evolving to meet the demands of our customers.

An exclusive community

Meet federal decision makers and potential partners through access to Washington’s most influential events. With over 100 intimate events and informative webinars every year, Bloomberg Governmentis the fastest way to gather intelligence and grow your network.

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