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A Post-Election Guide to Navigating Washington

Simplify the transition period as you prepare for major policy shifts. Download your copy to identify trends, track developments, and get to know the new faces of Congress. It’s the post-election intelligence you need for what lies ahead.

The 12 Most Competitive Senate Races

Election guru Greg Giroux details the races he’s closely monitoring.

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Uncalled Races Won’t Alter Slim Majorities in Congress (Podcast)

Congress Diversifies With Influx of New Members Elected in 2020

Giroux’s Gems

Greg Giroux, Senior Reporter

Stay informed on election news and analysis. Explore the latest developments, including the current state of Congress. Follow Greg’s 2020 election insights to get just the facts and none of the fluff.

Impact of the Coronavirus on the 2020 Election

From state primaries to the conventions, learn how election season evolved in the face of an unprecedented public health crisis.

Voter Demographics and Turnout

Through in-depth analysis of census data, this report reveals how the U.S. population is evolving and breaks down the demographics of eligible voters, voter turnout, and congressional districts.

Events and Webinars

Make the connections you need at our informative sessions – including exclusive engagements with Washington’s most prominent minds.

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Balance of Power

The balance of power in Congress has a major impact on legislative priorities and outcomes. Read our experts’ predictions on Democrats’ shot at gaining the Senate majority and whether the Republicans have a winning strategy for reclaiming the House.

Balance of Power 2009-2019 infographic

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