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Government affairs

When business meets government, knowledge is power. Whether you work at a lobbying firm, corporation or trade association, Bloomberg Government delivers the news, research and tools that your team needs to exert influence at the highest level—all in one place.

Information & data

From breaking news inside the Beltway to global events that Washington can’t ignore, nobody covers business and policy like Bloomberg. But reading the headlines first is only the beginning of the story.

  • Get targeted alerts on the news that matters to you from Bloomberg’s 2,400 journalists and more than 35,000 global sources
  • Track all the legislation set to affect your interests—with real-time updates, committee news and intel from decision makers on Capitol Hill
  • Put the Capitol’s most comprehensive and accurate list of contacts at your fingertips

> News & alerts
> Insight & analysis

Insight & analysis

When you’re dealing with the complexity of Washington, context is everything. The BGOV platform delivers the insight and analytics you need to fully comprehend the landscape—no matter how quickly it shifts.

  • Read exclusive research & OnPoint analysis from our team of government & policy experts
  • Access proprietary bill summary information from conception to completion, then quickly zero in on the details you need
  • Review full text and hearing transcripts
  • Get the details on every bill markup, including vote tallies, amendment text & important attachments

> Legislative tracking
> Regulation tracking
> Lobbying intelligence

Workflow tools

Information is only valuable when you can act on it. BGOV solutions go beyond news and data, providing integrated workflow tools that enable you to increase your effectiveness and grow your business.

  • Use Bloomberg Government’s best-in-class congressional directories, or your own stakeholder contact information, to engage those that matter most to achieving your advocacy goals. Our simple yet powerful email campaign tool enables you to customize your message, track your campaign’s success and influence the masses.
  • Align your team’s advocacy efforts with Outreach Tracker, a tool designed to manage meetings, notes and events in one centralized place, accessible to every member of your team.
  • Put Washington in your pocket with e-newsletters, e-mail alerts & the BGOV app for mobile devices

> Directories & outreach

It’s your job to know Washington inside out. Only Bloomberg Government provides the end-to-end solutions to meet your whole team’s needs, in real time. All on a single, integrated platform: no upsells, no exclusions.

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