Know your market.

Market sizing and competitive analysis

Big government, meet big data. The key to filling your pipeline with actionable opportunities is knowing that an RFP is coming months, and even years, before it’s written. Bloomberg Government’s sophisticated analytics enable you to crunch historic spending data to see and shape the future—and win more contracts.

Contracts Intelligence Tool

The BGOV Contracts Intelligence Tool (CIT) is unique in the market. It enables you to harness the power of big data with little effort—turning millions of data points on government spending into a clear picture of the market. In minutes you can conduct research that would otherwise take weeks, and determine where your team can most efficiently focus its time and resources. Size new and adjacent markets, see specific details on where the money is being spent—right down to the program office—and understand the competitor, partner and integrator landscape. All in a few simple clicks.

Competitive analysis

As you dig into your market, CIT enables you to see the extent of your competition, the socioeconomic indicators of companies doing the work and the contract characteristics. See the number and dollar value of task orders up for renewal, dive into each to see their burn rate, and get an alert when it reaches the level you feel will trigger a recompete. Call up the entire footprint of a specific contract vehicle, such as Schedule 70, or survey the whole market landscape for a specific vendor or competitor. By identifying which contract vehicles competitors are using to win work from which agencies, you gain the insight to better target your own resources.

Clean, comprehensive data

Search, find and compare details including contract name, number, contracting agency, funding agency, NAICS, PSC and FSC codes as well as contract and task order dates. Have confidence in what you see, knowing that Bloomberg Government’s tools are built on the cleanest and most comprehensive data in the business, our proprietary information combined with public data that has been scrubbed and verified in-house.

IT explorer dashboard

Find the information technology programs that you should be pursuing by quickly searching through detailed budget data. See which programs are getting more money—and uncover those that CIOs think are at risk. Get a snapshot of an IT program’s contracts and incumbents, a timeline of its projects and activities, and a breakout of development, modernization and enhancement funds.

Partner finder

Discover peers and potential partners in your industry using the BGOV Partner Finder. Source contact information to reach out to the right person, and view subcontracting relationships between companies to better understand your competitive landscape.

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