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Navigate government contracting with superior market intelligence. Gain insights into competitors, the market landscape, and agency priorities, powered by human expertise and AI.

Bloomberg Government empowers your federal business development team to:

  • Identify and qualify opportunities quickly – utilizing our vast federal ecosystem data and resources, you can easily identify and qualify new opportunities and save time and money.
  • Accelerate with AI – stay ahead with AI-powered research solutions to predict RFP release dates, estimate opportunity values, recommend potential opportunities, and identify crucial documents.
  • Visualize with BGOVMarkets – see your federal market in a new light with access to curated, granular data and stay on top of money flows.
  • Gain a competitive edge – access detailed company profiles and track competitors’ contracts for strategic market share advantage and unseat the incumbent.
  • Strategize effectively – leverage our comprehensive agency profiles to make informed strategic decisions based on data-driven insights that are mission-aligned.

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