Tap into the full power of data

Enrich pipelines with premium budget, procurement, and historical government contracting data you can trust

Get the full picture of the federal markets you care about now and those you are looking to grow toward in the future

Our cleansing process corrects and clarifies dates and values, adds contract titles, and detailed company and agency hierarchies

Bloomberg Government quality

Data licensing fuses the BGOV data you know with additional data sets not available with our standard business development workflow tools, giving you the ability to make each data set work for your specific vision.

Customizable Workspace

Pre-built notebooks showcase analytics that answer the complex questions often received from federal professionals, like market sizing and using natural language processing to identify relevant opportunities.

Full in-house integration

With direct delivery, blend our trusted data to your business strategy to receive best-in-class market intelligence.

Supercharge your strategy with clarifying data that unlocks opportunities

Find a quality bulk data provider that helps your organization overcome every challenge encountered in the federal contracting lifecycle

Inability to track trends

A lack of readily available historical government spending data makes it hard for contractors to forecast and develop growth strategies that align with government priorities.

Lack of Market Visibility

Without easily accessible information on these opportunities, government contractors struggle to scope out their market niche and translate strategic operating plans into active sales pipelines.

Complex, Costly Data Validation

hundreds of thousands of dollars per year gathering and cleansing data from various sources in labor-intensive, manual ways.

Approval Reliance within Organizations

Contractors are dependent on their organization’s engineering and IT resources to ingest our Data License into their systems before they can derive value from the data delivery.


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