Debt-Deal Votes Double as Campaign Fodder: Ballots & Boundaries

This week’s debt limit brinksmanship, negotiation, and completion provided some clues about what to expect in next year’s Senate contests.

Space Startups Find Cash Among Defense Industry Giants (1)

Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen, and Raytheon that have invested heavily in their venture portfolios may benefit most from a crunch in the capital-intensive space industry if cash-strapped startups need to exit the arena.

What to Know in Washington: Debt Bill Headed to Biden’s Desk

The Senate passed legislation to suspend the debt ceiling and impose restraints on government spending through the 2024 election, ending a drama that threatened a global financial crisis.

The Political Center Flexed on the Debt Bill. It Might Not Last

The outer wings of each party often draw the most attention. But in the debt ceiling fight, the vast swath in the middle carried the day.

Homeland Official Defends Domestic Intelligence Work to Congress

The Department of Homeland Security is defending its domestic intelligence-gathering tactics after critics accused the agency of violating Americans’ civil rights and civil liberties.

What to Know in Washington: Debt Limit Deal Headed to Senate

Debt limit legislation forged by President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy is headed to the Senate after the House passed the measure 314-117 last night.

Defense Hawks Eye Emergency Funds to Exceed Caps in Debt Deal

Republicans and Democrats are coalescing around a time-tested way to bypass spending caps for defense: an emergency supplemental.

NBA Kills Zombie Campaign Ad Months After Senate Election Ended

A campaign ad from Colorado’s US Senate race somehow nearly outlasted the Denver Nuggets’ playoff ambitions.

What to Know in Washington: Lawmakers Who Could Stall Debt Deal

The debt limit deal struck by President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is heading toward a House vote today after clearing the House Rules committee Tuesday night with a 7-6 margin.

Thirteen House Lawmakers to Keep an Eye on in Debt Limit Debate

The House is poised to vote on a debt limit deal brokered by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). The two men and their allies have been working furiously to line up support for an agreement that’s spurring criticism from both ends of the ideological spectrum. Here are a number of lawmakers…
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