How Trump Could, Couldn’t Sway Fed: What to Know in Washington

Central bank independence is emerging as a campaign issue in 2024, as both supporters and opponents of former President Donald Trump increasingly question whether he would, if reelected, seek to reduce the autonomy of the Federal Reserve.

US Sees Uptick in Terrorist Threats: What to Know in Washington

The US sees increased foreign terrorist threats compared to a year ago, thanks to renewed efforts by ISIS and Middle East unrest tied to the Israel-Hamas war.

Trump Whistleblower Heads to Primary: What to Know in Washington

Retired Army Col. Eugene Vindman attracted nationwide attention for his whistleblowing role in Donald Trump’s first impeachment. Now the former National Security Council lawyer is trying for a seat in Congress.

Terrorists Crossing the US Border? Rising Numbers Explained (1)

Terrorist watch list hits at US borders are fueling fear and condemnation of Biden immigration policies ahead of the November elections, though border policy specialists dispute whether the numbers indicate a serious threat.

Tom Cole Faces Well-Funded Challenge: What to Know in Washington

Rep. Tom Cole, a mainstay in Oklahoma Republican politics and one of the most powerful lawmakers in Washington, faces a competitive primary challenge from a newcomer—both to politics and to Oklahoma—who says deep roots are overrated.

GOP Fights Itself in Grudge Matches: What to Know in Washington

Rep. Bob Good is pro-gun, anti-abortion, and has called Donald Trump the best president of his lifetime. On paper, the Virginia Republican—who heads the far-right Freedom Caucus and helped define its hardball tactics—should be a party darling and shoo-in to keep his seat.

Congress Seeks Raise After 15 Years: What to Know in Washington

Lawmakers haven’t had a pay raise in 15 years, and representatives from Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene to progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to do something about it.

Canada, Mexico Focus on US Trade: What to Know in Washington

Concern is building in Ottawa and Mexico City that the next US administration may move to limit trade among the three countries that totaled some $1.5 trillion in goods last year.

Biden Warns of Rising Isolationism: What to Know in Washington

President Joe Biden warned against the rise of isolationism in the US while visiting an American military cemetery in France that his predecessor, Donald Trump, famously skipped six years ago.

Trump Tax Cuts Spark Debt Fight: What to Know in Washington

The prospect of a fresh round of tax cuts next year is helping Donald Trump woo Wall Street donors but threatens to add trillions of dollars to the national debt.
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