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Republicans warn defense increase can’t come at domestic expense

Pro-Pentagon Republicans warned Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that the increase in defense spending proposed by President Donald Trump can’t come at the wholesale expense of domestic spending or the State Department.

Four things Congress must move before tax reform

Republicans are staring down a shrinking number of days to check off their list of priorities as the August recess looms.

Brady tries to soften border tax by proposing five-year phase-in

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Tuesday floated a five-year phase-in for his controversial border-adjusted tax on domestic sales and imported goods as a way to ease its negative impact.

Senate Republicans are writing Obamacare repeal behind closed doors

Senate Republican leaders drafting a measure to revamp U.S. health-care policy appear to be following the same path as their House counterparts — writing a bill behind closed doors before springing it on other lawmakers and the public close to a vote.

Trump says U.S. can no longer accept crumbling infrastructure

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Americans can no longer live with crumbling locks, dams, roads and bridges and outlined a plan to leverage $1 trillion in investment in U.S. infrastructure.

Trump’s $575 billion defense budget delays promised buildup

President Donald Trump’s first full-year defense budget would delay big increases in multibillion-dollar weapons systems while putting more money into troop readiness and precision munitions.

Trump seeks $3.6 trillion in cuts to reshape U.S. government

President Donald Trump would dramatically reduce the U.S. government’s role in society with $3.6 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years in a budget plan that shrinks the safety net for the poor, recent college graduates and farmers.

House GOP must bridge gaps on budget before moving to taxes

House Republicans say they aren’t close to agreeing on a budget blueprint they have to approve before they can move ahead with one of their top priorities: a tax overhaul.

Trump’s budget aims for balance through steep cuts, growth

President Donald Trump will send to Congress a proposal for balancing the federal budget within 10 years through deep cuts to discretionary and safety net spending.

Trump Pentagon budget adds ship, no planes, to Obama plan, officials say

President Donald Trump is expected to propose a $603 billion defense budget for the year beginning Oct. 1 that would add one warship but no more F-35 and Super Hornet jets than the Obama administration had projected.