Millions Flow to Impeachment-Ad Blitz to Overcome ‘News Cyclone’

Supporters and opponents of impeaching President Donald Trump are pouring $20 million into political advertising to influence vulnerable lawmakers in an unprecedented strategy that experts say reflects the growing role of paid media in shaping public opinion.

What to Know in Washington: Impeachment Tests McConnell-Trump.

President Donald Trump’s showman instincts will be running up against Mitch McConnell’s cautious management of the Senate as the two men with the most important relationship in Washington negotiate the terms of a high-stakes, election-year impeachment trial.

Backlog of Debt Relief Claims Now Almost 300,000, DeVos Says

The number of claims for loan forgiveness by students saying they were defrauded by their colleges has grown to nearly 300,000, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told House lawmakers Thursday.

What to Know in Washington: Judiciary Heads Toward Impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee is set to finish debating articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump today with a likely party-line vote to send the resolution to the floor of the House.

Booze Break Among Top Issues That Could Hop on Must-Pass Bills

A push to make permanent an excise tax break on beer, wine and distilled spirits has been languishing in Congress despite bipartisan support. But there’s renewed hope for the booze break and numerous other dangling issues as lawmakers bargain over what to stuff into must-pass spending legislation before they leave town for the holidays.

What to Know in Washington: Pelosi Balances Impeachment, USMCA

While impeachment is a political blow for Trump, getting USMCA approved by Congress is a clear victory. He now goes into his re-election able to tout fulfillment of a central campaign promise — replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he’s derided as a disaster for U.S. workers.

What to Know in Washington: Democrats Plan Impeachment Articles

House Democrats plan to unveil two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump today — one on abuse of power and the other involving obstruction of Congress, according to four people familiar with the proceedings.

House GOP Offers Alternative to Democratic Drug-Pricing Measure

House Republican leaders are offering drug-pricing legislation that they say could become law quickly, laying down a marker for what measures many party members could support ahead of a planned vote on a Democratic drug bill later this week.

Education Dept. Has Power to Erase Student Debt, Think Tank Says

The Education Department could cancel all U.S. student debt itself—and without any action by Congress—according to an analysis released Monday by the left-leaning Roosevelt Institute.

What to Know in Washington: Impeachment Closing Arguments Begin

House investigators give their closing summations today in the Democrats’ case against President Donald Trump as they continue debating how far to go in drafting articles of impeachment later this week.

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