Republicans Put Vaccine Mandates on Agenda for Midterm Elections

Fighting federal vaccine mandates is becoming a central pillar of Republicans’ health care agenda, one supporters say could help carry them into power in Congress next year.

What to Know in Washington: House Advances Debt, Defense Bills

House lawmakers last night passed legislation to address the approaching debt limit deadline as well as the annual defense policy bill, sending both to the Senate. The moves are a key step in freeing up time for Senate Democrats to pass President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda before Christmas, but a key holdout remains…

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: House Passes Bill to Avert Medicare Cuts

The House passed legislation yesterday that would create a quick process to raise the U.S. debt ceiling by a simple majority vote in the Senate and cancel automatic cuts to Medicare

Lawmakers Seek Civility on Capitol Hill After Public Bickering

It might be impossible to make lawmakers be nice to each other, but a House panel focused on improving Congress is trying anyway.

Biden Immigration Agenda Gets Boost as Border Chief Confirmed

Chris Magnus will take the helm of U.S. Customs and Border Protection as commissioner amid record border crossings and persistent public scrutiny after winning Senate confirmation.

Lawmakers Reach Deal on Debt Limit; Defense Compromise Detailed

Lawmakers announced a deal to resolve the debt ceiling and released a compromise annual defense policy bill, both pieces of legislation with pressing deadlines that have evaded agreement for weeks. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden in a two-hour call with Russian President Vladimir Putin said the U.S. would respond strongly to any attack on Ukraine.

Ocean Carriers Resist Shipping Rules Advancing in Congress (1)

Senators, in the face of pushback from the shipping industry, plan to introduce bipartisan legislation to help the Federal Maritime Commission crack down on unfair ocean carrier practices.

Federal Funding Sought to Protect Threatened Election Officials

Federal election officials are seeking expedited legal guidance from the Government Accountability Office on whether funds allocated to states for election administration can be used to pay for personal security purposes.

Congresswoman Expects No Minnesota Miracle: Ballots & Boundaries

Rep. Angie Craig‘s congressional future may be decided by a five-judge panel appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

What to Know in Washington: Biden, Putin to Speak Amid Tensions

President Joe Biden will speak today with Russian President Vladimir Putin as tensions flare between the nations. At the Capitol, lawmakers are weighing plans to tie the effort to raise the debt ceiling to a must-pass defense policy bill.
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