Sick of the ‘Lesser Evil?’ States Weigh How Winners Chosen (1)

Far down the Florida ballot, well below the polarizing choice for president, voters are being asked to sideline party affiliation entirely when it comes to future state leaders.

DACA Creator Mayorkas Tops Biden Homeland Secretary Speculation

Alejandro Mayorkas keeps coming up as a natural pick to lead the Homeland Security Department should Joe Biden win the presidency next week.

Democrats’ House Majority Expansion Plan Based in Texas Suburbs

Democrats are working to capitalize on down-ballot opportunities in Texas even if they come up short statewide.

What to Know in Washington: Barrett Enters Fray of Legal Battles

Newly confirmed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett will immediately be embroiled in some of the nation’s biggest legal battles, including cases that could determine whether the president who nominated her gets four more years in the White House.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Vaccine Push Raises Risk Virus Will Linger

The U.S. strategy to rely on vaccines and treatments, rather than emphasizing social distancing, masks and testing nationwide, threatens to delay the return to normal life for Americans.

New York Democrats See Opportunity to Curb Cuomo’s Veto Clout

Democrats are positioned to pick up a second supermajority in the New York Legislature, giving lawmakers leverage against Gov. Andrew Cuomo when it comes time to negotiate hard choices about taxing and spending.

Louisiana Governor Takes House GOP to Court Over Virus Rules

Louisiana’s governor filed a lawsuit in state court Monday to defend a mask mandate and other restrictions to slow the spread of Covid-19 after Republicans in the state House of Representatives moved to try to end them.

Inside Elections’ Nathan Gonzales on 2020 Race Finale (Podcast)

Nathan Gonzales, editor and publisher of the nonpartisan Inside Elections, joined the latest episode of Downballot Counts to discuss the state of the races for the White House and Congress with Election Day a week away.

What to Know in Washington: Senate Set for Vote Today on Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett is on the cusp of confirmation, with the Senate ready to vote tonight to elevate her to the Supreme Court a week before the presidential election and create a 6-3 conservative majority on the court.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Trump Decries Push to ‘Test, Test, Test’

President Donald Trump is forging ahead with a breakneck pace of rallies in key battleground states during the final days of his re-election campaign, defying public-health guidelines as a wave of new coronavirus cases rips across the U.S.
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