What to Know in Washington: Rich GOP Senate Bids on Defense

Republicans boast their rich Senate candidates give them a $100 million advantage in critical races, but those recruits come with some potentially costly baggage.

What to Know in Washington: Texas Race Pits Gonzales vs ‘AK Guy’

A Texas runoff will test whether Uvalde’s congressman can survive hostility from fellow Republicans over some against-the-grain votes, including for a gun-safety law following the mass shooting of 9-, 10-, and 11-year-old schoolkids.

What to Know in Washington: Vacation Fundraising Lures Lobbyists

Lobbyists and lawmakers, with less than six months before the elections and limited plans for moving legislation, will be spending less time roaming the Capitol and more time schmoozing at tony resorts and big name concerts as they turn their attention to the fundraising circuit.

What to Know in Washington: Defense Bill Heads to House Floor

Must-pass 2025 defense authorization legislation heads to the House floor after the House Armed Services approved the fiscal 2025 defense authorization bill by a vote of 57-1 late Wednesday.

What to Know in Washington: Poll Shows Swing-State Voters’ Fears

Half of swing-state voters say they’re worried about violence surrounding the presidential election, suggesting misgivings about how an acrimonious race and its results will be received by a highly polarized electorate.

What to Know in Washington: Chinese Migrants Spark Border Fight

US Border Patrol logged a sharp increase in crossings by Chinese nationals over the past year, prompting Republicans to sound alarms about security risks while Democrats caution against dangerous rhetoric.

What to Know in Washington: Raimondo Pressed to Fix Pay System

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s troubled financial system is still broken despite Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s insistence to Congress it’s fixed.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Signs Major Aviation Package

President Joe Biden signed the multiyear legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration into law ahead of tonight’s deadline.

What to Know in Washington: Ouster Risk Still Threatens Johnson

The threat to Speaker Mike Johnson’s job isn’t going away — it’ll likely continue haunting Republicans into next year if they keep the House majority.

What to Know in Washington: Md. Senate Race Could Make History

Millions of dollars are about to be spent on a Senate contest that became competitive when Republicans coaxed their best-known Maryland politician into the race.
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