What to Know in Washington: Biden Staffs Up for GOP Probes

President Joe Biden faces an ugly new reality next year as Republicans threaten a torrent of investigations into his administration and family that could change his presidency and test his resolve.

Mayorkas Allies Brace for GOP Investigation, Impeachment Quest

Lawmakers and the Biden administration are gearing up for a fracas on Capitol Hill as House Republicans escalate threats to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

House Office Lottery Brings Fist Bumps, Frowns From New Members

Max Miller, a former Trump White House aide who won an Ohio House seat in November, had cause for more celebration Friday.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Signals Move From Iowa Caucus

President Joe Biden offered the strongest indication yet that Democrats will ditch Iowa as the kick-off to their presidential nominating process, saying the party should favor more diverse states and abandon time-intensive caucuses that he says freeze out working class voters.

What to Know in Washington: Rail Dispute Tests Dems, Union Ties

President Joe Biden’s eleventh-hour push to head off a rail strike with a Congressional intervention may have cleared the House Wednesday, but the long-term consequences for Democrats’ relationship with unions—not to mention the bill’s future in the Senate—are anyone’s guess.

What to Know in Washington: House Votes to Avert Rail Strike

The House plans to take up legislation on Wednesday to prevent a strike by freight-rail workers, and prospects were brightening for quick action in the Senate despite resistance from a few Republicans and progressive Democrats.

House’s Wall Street Panel Draws Interest From GOP Newcomers

A number of incoming Republican House members who helped deliver the chamber for the party are jockeying for a coveted spots on the House Financial Services Committee, the influential panel that oversees the banking, insurance, and real estate industries.

Immigration Bill Aimed at Workforce Needs Poised for House Vote

A bipartisan bill to ease green card access for legal immigrants is on track to reach the House floor next week, a rare bit of traction for immigration legislation as thornier debates continue.

Splitsville Has Some New Addresses: Ballots & Boundaries

Redistricting changed the political complexion of numerous congressional districts, forcing (as we’ve documented all year long) incumbents to decide where to take their chances after constituents were divided/shifted/gerrymandered.

What to Know in Washington: Biden, Congress to Force Rail Deal

President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are moving to prevent a looming shutdown of the nation’s freight railroads with the House preparing to take up a bill this week to impose a settlement over the objections of some unions.
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