What to Know in Washington: GOP Pushes to Block Migrant Parole

Republican senators are trying to curtail how the Biden administration uses immigration “parole” to release border-crossers into the country, while sidestepping debate over parole granted to Ukrainians, Venezuelans, and other vulnerable communities, two key negotiators said.

What to Know in Washington: Hardliners Soften on Spending Cuts

Ultra-conservatives in the House softened their demands for deep spending cuts to domestic programs, heightening the odds the two parties can reach a spending agreement and avert a Jan. 20 partial government shutdown.

What to Know in Washington: House to Drop NDAA China Curbs

Congressional negotiators are poised to abandon plans to use the annual National Defense Authorization Act to tighten controls on investment in Chinese technology.

What to Know in Washington: Defense Bill Held Up Over Submarines

Negotiators of the annual defense authorization bill are running into a potential roadblock: the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services panel refuses to back the transfer of attack submarines to Australia under a trilateral security pact until Congress approves $3.4 billion in emergency funding for the American submarine industrial base.

What to Know in Washington: Aid Supplemental Unlikely Until 2024

New aid for Ukraine and Israel will be difficult to pass before the end of the year while Congress remains at odds over proposed changes to securing the southern border, House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner said.

What to Know in Washington: Maloy Completes House with Utah Win

The next new member of Congress will walk in with clear opinions on which political risks are worth taking.

What to Know in Washington: Court Blocks Gerrymandering Suits

A landmark ruling will block Black and minority voting rights groups in seven states from suing under a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, impacting litigation on election laws and setting up a potential clash for the Supreme Court.

What to Know in Washington: Hard-Right Dismay Risks Disarray

Ultra-conservatives are running out of patience less than four weeks after installing one of their own as House speaker, signaling turmoil ahead.

What to Know in Washington: Ukraine Aid Faces Further Delays

New US aid for Ukraine risks slipping to next month or even early 2024, casting doubt on Washington’s ability to keep up the flow of weapons that both the Biden administration and the Ukrainian government say is vital.

What to Know in Washington: Senate Votes to Avert Shutdown

The Senate’s overwhelming approval of a temporary funding measure to avert a government shutdown delays a partisan clash over federal spending until the new year and leaves out emergency aid to allies Ukraine and Israel.
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