FY21 Air Force Budget Priorities

The Air Force is preparing for a new wave of spending on aircraft procurement, IT modernization, readiness, and Space Force within a constrained overall budget. This Bloomberg Government report examines where the money is going in air, space, and cyberspace capabilities.

Fall 2020 Hill Watch

The Fall 2020 Hill Watch is your guide to what to watch on Capitol Hill, with key updates for a wide range of policy areas. Across health care, the environment, immigration, labor, taxes, and many more topics, our reporters describe the legislative purpose of current and anticipated legislation as well as bill statuses and outlooks.

BGOV 200: Federal Industry Leaders 2020 – Bloomberg Government

Now in its ninth year, the 2020 report dissects the top 200 federal contractors moving the needle. With billions of dollars in business, these companies have made their mark – from established players to new, innovative shops mining fresh opportunities.

Federal Contracting Outlook Amid Covid-19

The response to the Covid-19 outbreak is likely to boost spending in the majority of key federal contracting market verticals.

Covid-19 Government Contractor Guidance

Government contractors are being forced to adapt to an increasingly uncertain environment as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that is sweeping the United States. This analysis addresses guidance issued by federal agencies, opportunities released by federal agencies, and related spending that has been disbursed by the federal government.

Spring 2020 Hill Watch

The Spring 2020 Hill Watch is your guide to what to watch on Capitol Hill, with key updates for a wide range of policy areas. Request your copy today and get prepared for whatever comes next.

FY21 Navy-Marine Corps Budget Priorities

A look at the allocations of the Navy’s multi-billion-dollar fiscal budget for 2021 – as the Navy fulfills their mission in water across the globe, learn how you can fulfill yours by providing them with the tools they need.

2019 Top-Performing Lobbying Firms

This analysis evaluates lobbying firms who reported $1 million or more in revenue as well as standout firms who exceed in key criteria: revenue growth, revenue growth per client, client retention, employee profitability, and more.

Voter Demographics and Turnout

Through in-depth analysis of census data, this report reveals how the U.S. population is evolving and breaks down the demographics of eligible voters, voter turnout, and congressional districts.

Federal Subcontracting in 2020

Transparency in the subcontracting market has improved, and emerging trends indicate growth in the number of sub-vendors and opportunities. Through analysis, subcontract data can become a meaningful part of your business development planning.

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