5 State Policy Trends to Watch in 2024

AI, labor, data privacy, social media, and environmental concerns are on state legislative agendas this year. Discover how state officials are addressing critical policies areas.

Balance of Power: Republican Majority in the House

See how the balance of power in the House may shift in the 2022 midterm elections as Republicans push to win the majority and Democrats seek to maintain control.

Federal Budget for FY23

Explore the FY23 federal budget, funding and policy priorities, the debt ceiling, and more.

Government Contracting and the Federal Budget

Understand the federal procurement process, top markets trends in FY23, and proposed budget and priorities for FY24.

President’s Budget FY24

Compare FY24's proposal with FY23's budget, in terms of topline numbers, mandatory and discretionary funding priorities, agency spend, and more.

2022 Trends in the Public Affairs Industry

Discover trends shaping the public affairs industry, including challenges, priorities, critical skills, compensation, and satisfaction.

Winning Federal Contracts on the Top 20 Contract Vehicles

Winning government contracts can be highly competitive – especially for the top-performing contractors and large firms. These expert strategies will help you target the right opportunities to expand your pipeline by leveraging the top 20 contract vehicles.

Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy Campaigns

A critical step in running successful advocacy campaigns is demonstrating campaign progress and value to stakeholders. Learn how to measure and report on your advocacy efforts.

Grassroots Advocacy Strategies for Corporate Public Affairs

Advocacy is quickly becoming a powerful tool for public affairs professionals at organizations beyond nonprofits. Here’s how to start a grassroots advocacy campaign for corporate interests.

Who Draws the Lines – Congressional Redistricting

Explore each step of the redistricting process, from how districts are determined and drawn to the 2020 Census and its impact on the 2022 political landscape.
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