Public Affairs Professionals: How to Gather Actionable Intelligence to Gain Influence

Stay ahead of policy developments, streamline advocacy efforts, and influence key decision-makers with data-driven, timely intelligence from Bloomberg Government.

Government Contracting and the Federal Budget

Understand the federal procurement process, top markets trends in FY24, and proposed budget and priorities for FY25.

Federal Appropriations for FY24

Explore the breakdown of FY24’s discretionary spending, policy priorities for key federal agencies, and more.

The President’s FY25 Budget Request

Compare FY24's proposal with FY23's budget, in terms of topline numbers, mandatory and discretionary funding priorities, agency spend, and more.

The Top 10 Public Policy Issues for 2024

The top public policy areas of focus and key legislative priorities for lobbyists this year, including the farm bill, FAA reauthorization, and appropriations.

When Should You Use Grassroots Advocacy for Your Corporate Public Affairs Strategy?

Explore methods for implementing an effective grassroots advocacy campaign to strengthen your corporate public affairs strategy.

How to Create an Effective Grassroots Advocacy Campaign

What makes a successful grassroots advocacy strategy? Here are four steps to building a strong campaign to achieve policy goals.

What Are the 3 Main Types of Grassroots Lobbying?

Compare the three main types of grassroots advocacy campaigns to understand how each strategy can help you reach your lobbying goals to shape public policy.

3 Examples of Successful Grassroots Lobbying Campaigns

Discover insights and proven campaign strategies from the most successful grassroots movements in history – and how to apply them to your own public affairs plan.

Lobbying Strategies: How to Write an Effective Policy Brief

How to write an effective advocacy policy brief, including length, formatting, and key elements to include to strengthen your argument.
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