Public Affairs Professionals: How to Gather Actionable Intelligence to Gain Influence

June 4, 2024
Public Affairs Professionals: How to Gather Actionable Intelligence to Gain Influence

Staying on top of all that’s happening in Washington isn’t easy.

Whether you’re a lobbyist drafting a proposed bill or a public affairs professional conducting research on policy trends, it’s essential to have access to timely and reliable information. But with jam-packed schedules, it can be difficult to track down the intelligence you need to develop well-informed strategies.

Our news and analysis team ensures you are updated on the issues that matter most, so that you can spend less time researching regulatory changes and more time executing on larger organizational goals.

Here’s how our news and analysis team can help you throughout your day.

Get an early start with coverage tailored to you

As you’re heading to work, you need to know about unfolding events on the Hill to ensure you have the information you need to lobby effectively on behalf of a client or your organization. Our team of journalists and editors rise with the sun to deliver breaking news straight from Congress and around the nation.

“As deputy team lead for newsletters, I know that news starts early in Washington. That’s why I’m online every day at 5 a.m. to make sure that Bloomberg Government’s daily briefs have the latest and most actionable information,” says Deputy Newsletter Team Leader Kayla Sharpe. “I know how crucial it is for our subscribers to be ahead of the curve about everything from newly announced hearings to long-awaited legislation.”

During your morning commute, you may have time only to read about certain topical areas – ranging from energy and natural resources to AI and emerging technology – that are most important to you. With customized alerts delivered straight to your inbox, AI-powered advanced search functions, and comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities, Bloomberg Government gives you full control over how and when you receive news, content, and updates on topics of your choice.

Discover the Team Behind the News

Meet the experts who deliver breaking news and essential information you need to bolster advocacy efforts and advance policy goals.

Identify key players on Capitol Hill to meet

It’s no secret that building relationships is vital to success on the Hill. As you begin your workday, one of the first things you might do is run through your contacts to schedule meetings for the day or week ahead. But with rapid turnover in Congress, it can be difficult to keep track of new staffers, the committees they serve on, and the issues most important to them.

“I’m constantly using BGOV’s directories and bill analyses to make sure I’m reaching the right sources,” says Zach Cohen, Bloomberg Government’s Senate reporter.

Technology Reporter Oma Seddiq agrees. “To aid my reporting and to stay up to date, I rely on Bloomberg Government’s directories to connect to decision-makers.”

By leveraging our congressional directories, you will find it easy to look up contact information and career highlights of congressional members and their staff, summaries and the status of sponsored bills, recent news or press releases, and stats on voting records. Our directories are updated daily to ensure you have the background research you need to effectively grow your network.

Keep track of legislative developments to better position proposed bills

After meeting with important players on the Hill, you might need to do a deeper dive into current legislation to draft bills that advance a certain policy forward. To streamline efforts, it’s important to have a tool where you can access federal and state legislative tracking within a single platform.

“I use BGOV’s legislative tracking tool to keep track of what bills are being introduced in the House,” says Bloomberg Government’s House reporter, Maeve Sheehey. “I recommend our Congress Tracker, usually authored by my colleague Jon Tamari, for a morning update on what’s happening on the Hill.”

Using our legislative tracker, you can evaluate bill summaries – written by subject matter experts – that allow you to quickly determine the significance, meaning, and histories behind legislation of interest.

To better position messaging, you can leverage our bill comparison feature to analyze different versions of legislation and stay informed about the nuances and implications of specific bills as they progress through the legislative process.

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Gain support from stakeholders on areas of interest

During your advocacy process on proposed legislation, you’ll likely need to have a slide deck at hand to update stakeholders on any developments or challenges you’ve encountered. Educating them on emerging policy issues – and helping them understand the context and implications of a bill’s passing or not – is key to garnering support.

But between meetings with Hill staffers, engaging in policy research, and drafting legislation, you may not have time to create a compelling, informative presentation. Here’s another way Bloomberg Government can help. Our news and analysis team regularly authors OnPoint presentations on topical areas ranging from budget and appropriations to aerospace and defense that you can leverage as an educational tool for key stakeholders and decision-makers.

“BGOV OnPoints and webinars are great ways to convey information,” says Greg Giroux, Bloomberg Government’s politics and election reporter. “I always want to tell our readers something that they don’t know.”

Stay ahead of the curve with Bloomberg Government

As a lobbyist, you need comprehensive coverage of legislative and regulatory development to better serve your clients or organization. Penned by our team of experts, our OnPoints, daily newsletters, and customed news alerts will help you stay ahead of the curve and give you the intelligence you need to lobby more efficiently and effectively. In addition to our news and analysis, we have actionable tools to identify key influencers, track policy developments, and understand industry trends. Request a demo.