Government Contracting and the Federal Budget

Learn how laws, policies, and current events impact 2023 federal budget spending and how to track trends to plan for success in an evolving industry.

Who Draws the Lines – Congressional Redistricting

Explore each step of the redistricting process, from how congressional districts are determined and drawn to the 2020 Census and its impact on the 2022 political landscape.

Balance of Power: The House Seats Up for Grabs

See how the balance of power in the House may shift in the 2022 midterm elections as Republicans push to win the majority and Democrats seek to maintain control.

Balance of Power: A Partisan Convergence in the Senate

See how the balance of power in the Senate may shift in the 2022 midterm elections as Republicans and Democrats push to win the majority.

Congressional Directories Make Networking Easier

Use our congressional and congressional staff directories to find the right contacts and access essential background information, all through one easy-to-use tool.

How software helps further grassroots advocacy

Learn how our grassroots advocacy software provides a comprehensive set of tools to make the most of your campaigns.

How to Optimize Your Federal Business Development Workflow

Learn how optimizing your business development workflow to build robust pipelines, close contracts, and grow your federal business

How to Build Your Pipeline With the Right Federal Contracts

Learn how to find and act fast on multiple federal opportunities in your target market to maintain a competitive edge.

How to Size Your Market to Strategically Grow Your Federal Business

Learn how strategists can leverage accurate data and competitive intelligence on current market conditions to help size their market, anticipate trends, and drive decision-making.

Trends in 2021 Federal Contract Spending

Though federal contract spending was down overall last year, 2021 wasn’t all bad news for the contracting industry. Learn which contract types and industries still saw wins.
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