First Word Energy

The next Keystone may need FERC approval, not State

A draft bill that would give FERC authority over oil pipelines that cross international borders may be central to a new energy package.

Court appears skeptical of EPA’s biofuel rationale

Two federal judges expressed skepticism of the EPA’s decision to slash quotas for biofuels, signaling the judicial panel may tell the agency to rewrite the RFS standards for 2014-2016.

Trump’s plan to make U.S. energy independent again

President Donald Trump is set to sign the White House order today, which will repeal, reverse or begin to repeal or reverse much of President Obama’s efforts to address climate change.

After quiet start, Trump set for energy excitement

President Trump is set to put his mark on federal energy policy this week. Assuming the schedule holds, by this time next week we should know the answer to three important questions about his administration’s priorities.

Governing is hard, the methane edition

Republicans in Congress are learning the difficult truth that legislating is different when you have your fingers on the controls.

With Zinke, Perry in place, energy directives next

With Ryan Zinke and Rick Perry finally in place, President Trump is set to unleash directives this week for the federal government’s energy and environment policy.

Trump’s energy cabinet faces budget tests

President Trump’s energy cabinet is now in place after Rick Perry was sworn in as Energy Secretary yesterday. There are signs the administration is already making its mark.

Trump shifts gear in address while energy neglected

For those in the energy world wondering if Trump’s divisive first 40 days in office would leave him hobbled and unable to carry out an agenda, this one speech put that to rest.

Making sense of 7,564 pages of Scott Pruitt e-mail

E-mails from Scott Pruitt’s tenure as Oklahoma attorney general show his office coordinated closely with industry and free-market groups. How shocked should we be?