Before Amazon, Rung Reined in Redundant Federal Purchasing

Before arriving at Amazon, Anne Rung says she was saving the federal government big bucks.

Amazon Vies for Federal Business, Denies Crowding Competitors

Amazon, the online sales giant with a growing Washington presence, has struck fear in its competitors that it aims to dominate the federal government’s purchasing process.

School Civil Rights Reviews Decline In Trump Administration

The Trump administration has decreased the number of reviews into whether schools and colleges are complying with civil rights laws as part of a larger push to boost efficiency at the risk of less vigorous investigation into larger issues.

Overkill to Use Review Act on Nonbinding Guidance, Critics Say

The Senate voted April 18 to overturn nonbinding federal agency guidance using the Congressional Review Act process, a new legislative tactic critics said was needless overkill.

(Bloomberg) — Pentagon weapons buyer and sustainment chief Ellen Lord tells reporters today that although contract dispute over who pays for aircraft corrosion discovered last year was “well on its way to being resolved” larger issue is that Lockheed Martin needs to improve quality.
  • Corrosion problem that lead to to dispute “symptomatic perhaps” of “a little bit of sloppiness we’ve seen” in Lockheed “meeting manufacturing requirements” and Pentagon oversight, Lord says
  • Pause “establishes what the department’s point of view is in terms of meeting requirements,” Lord says
  • “We have expectations” about production quality “and we are not seeing those workmanship levels being achieved” and “Lockheed Martin understands that,” Lord says
  • Air Force Lt. General Arnold Bunch told a House panel Thursday 14 F-35s from latest contract have been delivered, five held up over contract dispute about whether U.S. or Lockheed Martin should pay for remediation of corrosion defects
  • Vice Admiral Paul A. Grosklags, commander of the Naval Air Systems Command, told panel pause is “purely about who is responsible for the cost” of repairs
    • “Quite honestly,” the initial corrosion problem was a “mistake made by the contractor during production and they should pay for that out of their bottom line, not our top line,” Grosklags said

Mom Running for Congress Asks FEC for Child-Care Help

The Federal Election Commission may soon decide whether a mother running for Congress can use campaign money to pay for child care.

In/Site: Chairman Sam Graves

On April 17th, Bloomberg Government hosted an invitation-only breakfast with House Highways and Transit Subcommittee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO).