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President Obama to announce plans to create the world’s largest marine protected area

President Obama today will announce plans to expand area known as Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii.

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Air Force relying on small business for logistics transformation

The Air Force is seeking an Alaska Native Corporation to transform its information technology and business process systems for Logistics Capability Initiatives (LCI).

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Sanders to aid Democrat Zephyr Teachout in House race

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his new political organization will aid Democrat Zephyr Teachout, the former Democratic presidential candidate said yesterday

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Post-recess: What’s left to do and what might never happen

From appropriations to Zika funding and trade, a lot of work remains.

U.S. Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan projects spending increase to $16.8b in FY18 from $14.6b in FY17 if Congress restores funding to pre-sequestration levels.

  • Plan calls for spending average of $16.6b/yr through FY21
  • “Plan will be difficult to execute if Congress” doesn’t repeal 2011 budget caps, Deputy Defense Sec. Robert Work says in report
  • Plan projects 308 ships between FY21-FY28 from 276 today
  • Bloomberg News obtained latest version of the 30-yr plan sent today to congressional defense committees
  • Plan sees funding for General Dynamics-Huntington Ingalls Virginia-class submarines increasing to $7.3b in FY20 from $4.95b in FY17; planned funding is $28.6b through FY21
    • Funding bankrolls new “Virginia Payload Module” program in FY19 to carry more Tomahawk cruise missiles
    • Huntington Ingalls Ford-class carrier funding seen hitting $13.5b through FY21, with $4.3b in FY18
    • Navy plans to spend $9.2b through FY20 on Ohio-class replacement submarine to be built by General Dynamics with Huntington as subcontractor
    • Pentagon added $2.3b in current budget plan to help finance first Ohio-class submarine in 2021
    • Navy to pursue “incremental funding profile” for first Ohio-class between FY21-FY23
  • See link to plan
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Tech industry backs H-1B bill to detriment of Indian companies

A bipartisan group of House members is seeking to amend the high-tech visa program to make it more difficult to hire cheaper foreign workers at the expense of qualified Americans.

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New president, Congress must tackle discretionary spending caps

The latest sequestration report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a reminder that discretionary spending for fiscal 2018 is scheduled to be $91.6 billion less than it would have been if Congress and the administration had found other deficit reduction solutions.