Rich, poor, young, old: Congressional districts at a glance

The Silicon Valley district that Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) represents in Congress is one of the nation’s most prosperous areas.

White House regulatory office fully staffed

The White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs is now fully staffed with four political appointees to help Administrator Neomi Rao fulfill the president’s deregulatory agenda.

McCain makes play to allow military academy graduates to go pro

When it comes to pro sports, the Senate is doing an end run around Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Mid-tier companies face marketplace hurdles

Mid-tier companies occupy a unique position in the federal marketplace. Too big to qualify for small-business preferences and lacking the resources to compete with larger contractors

(Bloomberg) — 
Slowly circling Air Force jet has dropped 18,796 weapons, or 19.3 % of the total, in Iraq and Syria in support of Iraqi troops since Aug. 2014 when operations began, Air Forces Central Command statistics as of Aug. 24 indicate.

  • Air Force previously said A-10 plane would be retired in 2019, meeting opposition in Congress; Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein this year told lawmakers A-10 would be retained until 2021
  • A-10 has flown 14% of U.S. strike sorties, comparable to F-15 jet and only below leading jet, F-16, which has flown 15%; coalition aircraft, including GR-4 Tornado, Typhoons and Rafales have flown a combined 14% of strike missions, U.S. says
  • Navy F/A-18 fighters have flown 10% of strike sorties followed by: B-1B bomber at 8%, MQ-9 drones at 6.6%, B-52 bomber at 4.5%, Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier at 2.4% and stealth fighter F-22 at 1.5%
  • After A-10, top bomb droppers in Islamic State campaign are: F-15 w/ 17,638, F-16 w/ 11,925, F/A-18 w/ 10,639, B-1B w/ 9,195, B-52 w/ 7,222, MQ-9 Reaper w/ 3,449, MQ-1 Predator w/ 3,108 and F-22 w/ 1,627
  • NOTE: A-10 totals include precision-guided munitions and 30mm cannon round; each 100 rounds equals a “weapon,” Air Force says
  • NOTE: Number of weapons and/or sorties doesn’t “necessarily indicate an increase or decrease in actual strikes, as a single strike often times involves multiple aircraft and weapons,” Air Forces Central Command says in email
  • NOTE: Volume of sorties and or weapons “does not necessarily indicate success or progress in campaign against Islamic State,” Air Force says, adding effects measured by achievements on the ground

Republicans begrudgingly wait on Shuster, want FAA extension

House and Senate Republican leaders are waiting—some begrudgingly—on House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) to advance a bill to reauthorize or extend FAA authorization, which expires Sept. 30.

Navy one step closer to adding tool to stop ship-killer missiles

The U.S. Navy’s Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare (AOEW) system has passed its preliminary design review stage, taking another step closer to full-scale development of a new tool to protect the Navy’s ships from anti-ship missile attacks, prime vendor Lockheed Martin Co. announced Sept. 5.