Trump Embraces Obama’s ‘Venture Capital Firm’ for Pentagon Tech

President Donald Trump, who has sought to upend many of his predecessor’s policies, seems to have found one that he likes.

Republicans Seek to Block Pennsylvania Map Aiding Democrats

Republicans will try to block a new Pennsylvania congressional map under which Democrats would be favored to gain several seats in the November election, imperiling the House GOP majority.

Infrastructure Funding Hearing Planned for March 7

Funding for federal infrastructure, including the gas tax, will be discussed March 7 at a House Transportation subcommittee hearing.

Mattis’s Billions: Pentagon May Struggle to Spend More, Faster

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis has a problem many people have only fantasized about: His agency may soon have more money than it knows how to spend.

(Bloomberg) — 
President Trump’s request for $716b in national security spending for fiscal year 2019, which includes Energy Dept nuclear programs, war spending and the Pentagon’s base budget, also constitutes 15.2% of total White House budget request, Defense Dept spokesman Chris Sherwood says in email.

  • Discretionary spending doesn’t include Medicare, Social Security and other entitlement programs for which Congress must appropriate funds each year
  • Pentagon’s combined Procurement/R&D funding estimated to drop through 2023 after FY19 high of $236.7b, according to figures Sherwood provided:
    • $222.1b in FY20, $228.3b in FY21, $228.9b in FY22, $235.8b in FY23

Podesta Veterans Quickly Rebound on K Street After Firm’s Demise

The collapse of K Street powerhouse Podesta Group last year spawned at least five new firms, which have quickly become among the most successful lobbying startups.

Trump’s Fiscal 2019 IT Budget Could Hit $92 Billion

President Donald Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget request includes $82.2 billion for unclassified information technology, an increase of about $3 billion compared with the estimate for fiscal 2018.