Judges wonder how Congress stiffed them on climate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton glance at climate and energy policy in their first debate. But, the debate in the D.C. Circuit today could be much more consequential. Today we break down the arguments, list the schedule and highlight some of the key players.

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Top 20 opportunities in fiscal 2017

The top 20 opportunities are worth a total of about $220 billion for which a final request for proposal is likely by the close of fiscal 2017.

UVA’s Center for Politics issues updated ratings that give four Republican senators a bigger advantage

Democrats now have an even narrower path to taking back the Senate, according to UVA's Center for Politics' analysis

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Lawmakers work to avoid shutdown as stopgap blocked over Flint

Senate Democrats blocked Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s first effort to advance a stopgap spending measure Tuesday.

Health care, manufacturing companies have “least comprehensive” data protection, since they’ve made fewer information technology security investments, McAfee Labs says in new Q2 threats report.

  • Nearly 40% of data losses involve some kind of physical media, such as thumb drives
  • In first half of 2016, researchers found ransomware hacker who appeared to receive $121 million in payments from ransomware operations targeting variety of sector
  • Researchers also identified nearly $100,000 in payments from hospital ransomware victims to specific bitcoin accounts
  • Growing number of new industry sectors to be targeted with ransomware by extensive networks doing attacks
  • NOTE: TPG to Buy Intel’s McAfee Security Unit in $4.2 Billion Deal
26th MEU LAAD Stinger Launch Simulator Training

Clinton vs. Trump: Implications for defense

Defense analysts expect that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would push for higher levels of defense spending if elected president, but it’s less clear which programs would benefit or suffer during their tenure in the Oval Office.

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How much will Naval Air Systems Command use GSA’s OASIS?

Naval Air Systems Command will be holding an industry day on Oct. 18 to discuss how it will be using the GSA’s OASIS contract vehicles.