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Priorities for Congress Post-Covid-19 Relief

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Presidential Transition Part II: Biden’s First 100 Days

Join this live virtual discussion for a policy-focused examination of how President-elect Biden’s first 100 days are likely to unfold amid an economic and public health crisis.

U.S. Military Fighter Jets Miss Readiness Goals, Watchdog Finds

Lockheed Martin Corp.‘s F-22 Raptor and Boeing Co.'s Super Hornet fighter aircraft — the Pentagon’s top combat jets — failed to meet their mission targets from fiscal year 2011 through 2019, even as the Pentagon spent billions of dollars on weapons upkeep, according to the leading government watchdog.

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Fracking Ban Roils Swing-State Races (1)

House Democrats from districts reliant on oil and gas production are distancing themselves from a new bill to ban fracking even though the measure is unlikely to gain any traction in Congress.

What to Know in Washington: Impeachment Shifts to Senate

The Senate will convene a formal impeachment trial of President Donald Trump early next year in a bitter and divisive climate where there’s only one thing both parties agree on: keeping the proceedings relatively brief.

Defense Bill Stocked With Goodies to Help Vulnerable Democrats

Vulnerable House Democratic freshmen looking to dispel accusations of a do-nothing Congress are pointing to projects benefiting their districts sprinkled throughout a massive defense policy measure headed to the president’s desk.

What to Know in Washington: Trump Faces Historic Impeachment Vote

Donald Trump’s legacy will be forever marked today by his impeachment at the hands of House Democrats, who say it’s a necessary rebuke for the president’s pursuit of a political vendetta. On the eve of the vote, Trump defiantly rejected the move as a predetermined partisan assault.

From the Hamptons to Disneyland, GOP Banks on Suburban Comeback

The 2020 elections will measure to what degree the Republican brand has crumbled in what was once the party’s bedrock -- suburbia.
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