Schumer’s Orbit of Lobbyists Poised to Gain From Leader’s Rise

A cadre of lobbyists with ties to Sen. Chuck Schumer may soon see their stars rise with the New York Democrat poised to become majority leader and heavily responsible for pushing through President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.

What to Know in Washington: Biden’s Agenda Waits on Congress

The timing for both President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and legislation to provide Americans with more Covid relief now largely depends on maneuvering by three of the most veteran legislative tacticians in Congress.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Biden Aid Plan Seeks $20B for Vaccinations

President-elect Joe Biden outlined plans for a $20 billion national vaccination program to speed up the pace of Covid-19 immunizations, calling the effort so far “a dismal failure” in an address last night.

Biden Seeking $130 Billion to Reopen Schools in Stimulus Plan

K-12 schools would get $130 billion to speed reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic in a relief package President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team outlined.

Former DHS Head Seizes New Powers to Cement Contested Rules (1)

Chad Wolf may no longer be the acting secretary of the Homeland Security Department, but he is still serving as a DHS political appointee and using newly delegated authorities to make legal actions he took while he was chief.

Election Panel’s First Black Member Blazes Path as New Chair

Shana Broussard, the Federal Election Commission’s incoming chair, is blazing trails as the first Black commissioner in the agency’s 45-year history and as a former prosecutor who rose through the staff ranks to assume the FEC’s top spot.

Congressional Staff Reckon With Safety Well Beyond Inauguration

Congressional staffers shaken after a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol are worried about the threat of more violence, at President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and beyond.

What to Know in Washington: McConnell Holds Trump’s Fate

President Donald Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment heads to the Senate, where his fate rests with Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who now has more leverage than ever over the president in his final week in office.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Medicare Bill Returns to Democratic Senate

The Senate debate over prescription drug pricing will pick up where it left off last year as the chamber undergoes a change in control, a key Democrat said.

Meet the 10 Republican Lawmakers Who Voted to Impeach Trump

Ten House Republicans joined all Democrats on Wednesday in voting to impeach outgoing President Donald Trump for his role in inciting violence at the Capitol last week.
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