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Arielle Elliott
Donald Thomas
Head of Government Contracting Solutions
K.C. Davis
Chief of Staff
Shayla Gibson
Head of Communications
Robert Recklaus
Government Affairs Sales and Engagement
Mark Muckerman
Government Contracting Sales and Engagement
Tony Costello
Commercial Director
Heather Rothman
News Director for Government Affairs Solutions
JP Edgette
Head of Product for Government Affairs Solutions
Kevin Brancato
Managing Editor for Government Contracting Solutions

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Redefine How Washington Works
When government is at its best, diverse ideas are at work. The same is true of Bloomberg Government. Our ability to innovate and serve our clients means diversity and inclusion are essential. If you’re eager to join a multi-dimensional team that celebrates and leverages difference, if you have the vision to see how information can transform “business as usual” and if you are hungry to create—to build a service transforming how things get done—then stop reading this and join our team.

Who Thrives Here?
Individuals who embrace hard work, act with urgency and collaborate without reserve thrive at Bloomberg Government. You are on the front lines of revolutionizing the information services industry in Washington—as high as our expectations will be of you, yours must be higher. We are a start-up, backed and nurtured by the powerful incubation of the worldwide leader in information services, Bloomberg L.P. If you are dogged, innovative and interested in work that contributes to causes greater than yourself, you belong at Bloomberg Government.

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Client Support is staffed by experts in legislation, regulation and federal procurement. We are committed to getting answers to your questions and helping you leverage the full value of our intelligence allowing you to act quickly, decisively, and effectively on your government-related business. Call 877-498-3587 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you are a member of the media or would like permission to use Bloomberg Government Content, please contact Shayla Gibson at sgibson@bgov.com

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