Bloomberg Government Announces AI-Powered State Bill Comparison

WASHINGTON, DC (December 14, 2023) — Bloomberg Government today announced the release of state bill comparison, an AI-powered feature designed to increase users’ cross-state lobbying effectiveness. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit

State bill comparison allows lobbyists to easily search similar text from state bills across the U.S. to see what is currently in progress, review details on past efforts, and identify key points to inform strategy for influencing action and alignment from legislators. The AI-powered feature collapses hours of reading dense state legislation into a single click by searching bills across all 50 states to compare text across existing and proposed state bills.

The latest enhancement to the Bloomberg Government platform works alongside Heatmaps, a feature released earlier this year that visualizes legislation being considered across the country to identify opportunities and threats to policy initiatives. Paired together as part of the full suite of BGOV features, Bloomberg Government users have a clear view of where bills are being introduced and the tools necessary to identify risks and opportunities that could significantly impact strategy, communication, and influence.

“Bloomberg Government continues to make it easy to stay on top of the state intelligence government affairs professionals need to spot risks and opportunities,” said Arielle Elliott, president, Bloomberg Government. “Our newest feature, state bill comparison, leverages AI to help users revolutionize their knowledge, speed, and lobbying efforts in 2024.”

State bill comparison is included for Bloomberg Government subscribers at no additional cost.

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