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Government Contracting and the Federal Budget

Understand the federal procurement process, top markets trends in FY24, and proposed budget and priorities for FY25.

Winning Federal Contracts on the Top 20 Contract Vehicles

Winning government contracts can be highly competitive – especially for the top-performing contractors and large firms. These expert strategies will help you target the right opportunities to expand your pipeline by leveraging the top 20 contract vehicles.

Cybersecurity for Government Contractors

Learn how the Biden administration cybersecurity CMMC requirements and other cybersecurity requirements for government contractors will change federal business.

How to Optimize Your Federal Business Development Workflow

Learn how optimizing your business development workflow to build robust pipelines, close contracts, and grow your federal business

How to Build Your Pipeline With the Right Federal Contracts

Learn how to find and act fast on multiple federal opportunities in your target market to maintain a competitive edge.

How to Size Your Market to Strategically Grow Your Federal Business

Learn how strategists can leverage accurate data and competitive intelligence on current market conditions to help size their market and anticipate trends.

Trends in Federal Contract Spending

FY 2022 surpassed $650 billion in government contract spending. Find out the top five trends driving federal contracting in the year ahead.

Partnering With 8(a) Companies as a Large Contracting Firm

Learn about the value of partnering with 8(a) companies, and how Bloomberg Government can help you uncover a larger market share.

Winning Defense Contracts With White Space Analysis

Defense contracts represent 63% of total spending. Let Bloomberg Government help you tap into a larger share of the defense market.