What to Know in Washington

What to know in Washington

What to Know in Washington gives you a head start on the day with reporting on the most important stories from Capitol Hill and the White House. From K Street to the White House to the Capitol to the Supreme Court, What to Know in Washington is your daily dose of need-to-know information.


What to Know in Washington: Sanders Joins Growing 2020 Field

Sanders starts a presidential bid with a long list of potential advantages, not least of which include a massive email list of supporters, a proven track record of small-dollar fundraising, and veteran aides who three years ago helped chart a path to victory in key states like New Hampshire


What to Know in Washington: Trump to Invoke Power to Build Wall

Trump plans to unilaterally shift about $7 billion in federal resources to construct physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, a White House official said, a maneuver sure to provoke a legal challenge.


What to Know in Washington: Border Spending Deal Set for Votes

Republicans and Democrats in Congress unveiled spending legislation that would avoid a government shutdown through September while giving President Donald Trump only a fraction of the money he wants for a border wall — if he’s willing to sign it.

What to Know in Washington: Border Deal Will Turn on Trump’s OK

Democrats and Republicans in Congress salvaged an agreement on border security spending that depends on President Donald Trump accepting less than he’s been demanding for money to build a wall to avert another government shutdown.


What to Know in Washington: Border Talks Break Down as Deadline Looms

The sticking point is over the number and purpose of immigration detention beds. Democrats are seeking a cap to force U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, to detain criminals rather than undocumented immigrants with no criminal history.


What to Know in Washington: AG Whitaker Set for Dems’ Security

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker travels to Capitol Hill to face off with Democrats today, after defusing a charged partisan debate over threats to subpoena him.


What to Know in Washington: Democrats’ Oversight Rankles Trump

President Donald Trump warned Congress in his State of the Union on Tuesday that “there cannot be war and investigation” if lawmakers want “peace and legislation.”


What to Know in Washington: Trump Says Moral Duty to Build Wall

The president offered Democrats nothing in exchange for their votes to build his promised wall on the Mexican border, while he excoriated them for their positions on abortion, blocking his nominees in the Senate and “ridiculous partisan investigations.”


What to Know in Washington: Trump Speech to Underscore Divides

Donald Trump’s second State of the Union speech promises to be one of the most dramatic moments in recent memory for the annual address to Congress.


What to Know in Washington: Trump an Obstacle in Border Talks

Republican lawmakers negotiating a border security deal to avoid another partial government shutdown are running into an increasingly familiar obstacle: President Donald Trump.