What to Know in Washington

What to know in Washington

What to Know in Washington gives you a head start on the day with reporting on the most important stories from Capitol Hill and the White House. From K Street to the White House to the Capitol to the Supreme Court, What to Know in Washington is your daily dose of need-to-know information from Bloomberg Government.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Seeks Fast Help for Millions

President Joe Biden will mark his third day in office with executive actions to boost food assistance for impoverished Americans and use federal contracts as a step toward his proposed nationwide minimum-wage hike, seeking immediate help for an economy struggling to cope with Covid-19.

What to Know in Washington: Biden White House Girds for Fights

Joe Biden is seeking to wipe away Donald Trump’s fingerprints from U.S. policy, but his predecessor left lasting partisan divisions in Washington that pose a risk to getting the new president’s agenda through Congress.

What to Know in Washington: Biden to Take Oath Amid Shut Capitol

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th U.S. president today in an inaugural ceremony set to unfold under heavy security after weeks of tumult and unrest stoked by Donald Trump.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Begins Amid Division, Security

President-elect Joe Biden is set to arrive in Washington today, the eve of his inauguration, with the usual backdrop of celebrations and political comity replaced by a military lockdown.

What to Know in Washington: Biden’s Agenda Waits on Congress

The timing for both President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and legislation to provide Americans with more Covid relief now largely depends on maneuvering by three of the most veteran legislative tacticians in Congress.

What to Know in Washington: House Set for Impeachment Vote

The House is prepared to vote on a history-making second impeachment of Donald Trump, as lawmakers seethed over his role inciting last week’s mob attack on the Capitol and the president’s once-firm control over the Republican party began to break down.

What to Know in Washington: House Set to Give Pence Ultimatum

The House is set to issue a largely futile ultimatum to Vice President Mike Pence today, demanding he invoke constitutional authority to remove President Donald Trump from office, as a prelude to an expected vote to impeach the president for the second time in little more than a year.

What to Know in Washington: Democrats Eye Fast Trump Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is readying Democrats for a lightning-fast second impeachment of President Donald Trump this week that risks consuming Congress in a bitter political fight just as President-elect Joe Biden’s administration is attempting to get off the ground.

What to Know in Washington: Push to Oust Trump Faces Long Odds

The rapidly growing calls among Democrats to oust President Donald Trump either by his own cabinet taking action or by another impeachment is quickly running up against the limits of time and Republican Party politics.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Win Certified by Congress

President Donald Trump, minutes after Congress certified President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory and hours after Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, pledged “an orderly transition.”