What to Know in Washington

What to know in Washington

What to Know in Washington gives you a head start on the day with reporting on the most important stories from Capitol Hill and the White House. From K Street to the White House to the Capitol to the Supreme Court, What to Know in Washington is your daily dose of need-to-know information from Bloomberg Government.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Makes Moves to Boost NATO

NATO leaders prepared to overhaul and boost the alliance’s defences in the face of Russian aggression in Europe, including establishing a new force model that would put about 300,000 troops on high alert to deal with any future threats.

What to Know in Washington: Lawmakers to Lose Re-election Today

At least two House members will be lame ducks after primaries on Tuesday, but a few others are worth watching for potential defeat.

What to Know in Washington: Democrats Weigh Options on Abortion

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are under pressure to enact new policies to ensure US women retain access to abortions, but their options are sorely limited and risk generating new court challenges.

What to Know in Washington: House to Vote on Landmark Gun Deal

The House is expected today to clear bipartisan gun-safety legislation hailed as the biggest breakthrough on the issue in three decades, sending it to President Joe Biden’s desk before leaving for a two-week recess.

What to Know in Washington: Inflation Strains Biden’s Big Win

The government can buy fewer roads, bridges, and tunnels today than it could seven months ago when President Joe Biden signed the $1 trillion infrastructure law.

What to Know in Washington: Senate Gun-Safety Bill Advances

Final passage of bipartisan gun-safety legislation is likely later this week after the Senate voted 64-34 Tuesday night to advance the bill hours after negotiators announced they reached a deal.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Team Eyes Fresh Economic Plan

The White House and congressional Democrats are in advanced talks on legislation that aims to fight inflation, rein in the deficit and revive parts of President Joe Biden’s stalled economic agenda.

What to Know in Washington: BBB Support Rallies, Targets Manchin

Groups and lawmakers advocating for Democrats’ domestic agenda, from clean energy to health care, are renewing campaigns tailored to their target audience: Joe Manchin.

Louisiana Lawmakers Ordered to Redraw District Map by June 20

A federal judge on Thursday denied Louisiana lawmakers’ request for more time to draw up a new congressional redistricting plan. They have until Monday, June 20, to act.

What to Know in Washington: Fed Recession Threatens Biden

Soaring prices are hurting Americans. The cure is going to hurt, too. It may take a recession to stamp out inflation — and it’s likely to happen on President Joe Biden’s watch.