What to Know in Washington

What to know in Washington

What to Know in Washington gives you a head start on the day with reporting on the most important stories from Capitol Hill and the White House. From K Street to the White House to the Capitol to the Supreme Court, What to Know in Washington is your daily dose of need-to-know information from Bloomberg Government.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Frustrates Allies on Evictions

The day before a moratorium on evictions is set to expire, President Joe Biden faces criticism from some of his allies for his hasty effort to preserve it -- and for not acting sooner to prevent what they view as an imminent housing crisis.

What to Know in Washington: Lawmakers Narrow Infrastructure Gaps

Senators negotiating the terms of a $579 billion infrastructure plan chipped away at some of the issues that were holding up an agreement but have yet to find a breakthrough on other differences that would seal an agreement and lead to a vote on legislation.

What to Know in Washington: Infrastructure Talks Hit Snags

Attempts to craft a bipartisan infrastructure plan hit multiple obstacles that again pushed Senate negotiators past another deadline to reach a deal.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Aims to Stem Foreclosures

The White House today announced plans to expand aid for mortgage borrowers who have fallen behind on payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Hosts Business, Labor Chiefs

President Joe Biden will host business and labor leaders at the White House today as a bipartisan group of senators nears an agreement that will allow the chamber to begin debating infrastructure legislation.

What to Know in Washington: GOP May Thwart Infrastructure Vote

Senate Republicans are set to thwart Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)’s attempt to speed President Joe Biden’s agenda through the chamber by blocking his bid to start Senate debate on a yet-unfinished infrastructure plan.

Arizona Audit ‘Totals’ Election Equipment: Ballots & Boundaries

The taxpayer tab to replace voting equipment in Arizona’s biggest county is roughly $2.9 million.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Agenda Gains Senate Momentum

President Joe Biden’s agenda got a boost with Senate Democratic leaders outlining plans for more than $4 trillion in domestic programs, but enactment hinges on negotiating details on Medicare, taxes, immigration and infrastructure that have confounded Congress for a generation.

What to Know in Washington: Senate Democrats Agree on Budget

Senate Democrats on the Budget Committee agreed to set a $3.5 trillion top-line spending level for a bill to carry most of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda into law without Republican support.