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President Trump’s Fiscal 2018 Budget Request

The $4.1 trillion budget proposal from President Trump would include $1.7 trillion in cuts to mandatory programs over 10 years and slash domestic programs by 10 percent in 2018. BGOV analysts broke down the details of the spending plan, outlining proposed agency cuts and increases.

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5 Questions (and Answers) About Tax Reform

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are pushing for an ambitious revamp of the tax code, and their prospects for accomplishing it may be the best in decades. Here are 5 things you need to know.

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Federal IT in Transition: The Six Drivers of Digital Transformation

Major technology trends such as mobility, big data, analytics, Internet of Things and cloud solutions offer a new paradigm for federal agencies to reimagine government. Download Bloomberg Government’s guide to implementing the six drivers of digital transformation.

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Top 20 Federal Opportunities: FY17, Q3-Q4

The top 20 federal contracts total around $200 billion in potential value, according to Bloomberg Government analysis. With all RFPs likely to be issued before close of fiscal 2017, which agencies have the most lucrative deals?

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Your Guide to the Federal Budget

The president’s fiscal 2018 budget, scheduled to be released in May, will contain thousands of pages of documents describing how trillions of dollars will be spent. How can you make sense of it all? To prepare for the request, we’ve put together a guide to the budget and appropriations process.

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