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Your Guide to the Federal Budget

The president’s fiscal 2018 budget, scheduled to be released in May, will contain thousands of pages of documents describing how trillions of dollars will be spent. How can you make sense of it all? To prepare for the request, we’ve put together a guide to the budget and appropriations process.

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Top-Performing Lobbying Firms of 2016

Lobbying is big business in Washington. With 2016 lobbying data now filed, we’ve taken a data-driven approach that look across six critical business metrics to determine the top performing firms.

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Trade-Offs: Defense Budget Under President Trump

The Trump administration has landed in Washington and the U.S. defense industry is generally enthusiastic about prospects for increased spending. With increases estimated at $16 billion a year, significantly more than the Pentagon’s current plan, the administration will have to choose between competing priorities.

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Navigating the New Washington: Positioning Yourself for a Successful Government Relations Career

With the inauguration behind us, Washington’s top influencers are exploring new opportunities—making the leap from government to K Street, and vice versa. Bloomberg Government conducted a survey of 2,000 government relations professionals to help you understand your industry’s compensation trends, as well as advice for positioning yourself during this time of transition.

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115th Congress: Dates You Need To Know

The 115th Congress is underway, and appears to be on the fast track. Download an infographic of the most important legislative dates in 2017.

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