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Fiscal 2020 Top 10 Professional Services Opportunities

This downloadable report, created by our BGOV industry experts, covers 10 professional services opportunities with a combined total estimated value of $84.4 billion that may be competed in fiscal 2020. All opportunities are likely to release a final RFP before March 2021.

This professional services report is a follow-on to the government-wide Fiscal 2020 Top 20 Contracting Opportunities.

Highlights of the small-business report included:

  • There were six opportunities with civilian agencies in fiscal 2020 and four that were defense-related.
  • Two opportunities were classified as new requirements; eight are follow-on contracts.
  • The majority of opportunities, seven of 10, were projected to release a final RFP in the first quarter of fiscal 2020.
  • Requirements under the upcoming contracts included services such as maintenance of unmanned aircraft, systems engineering at the Federal Aviation Administration, and mail management for the Justice Department.

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