Monitor regulation.

Time saving tools for regulatory affairs

Bloomberg Government puts the single most complete, accessible and intuitive database of U.S. regulatory information and updates at your fingertips. It’s the only platform that enables you and your team to monitor rule making at every stage of the process. Every agency, every action, every comment: all in one place.

Regulation Tracker

Regulation Tracker

What happens in Congress is only half of the story. The BGOV Regulation Tracker also enables you to track how economically significant regulations will affect your business. Using custom alerts and a unique central dashboard that cleans and consolidates data from disparate government sites, Regulation Tracker keeps you fully informed on the rules that matter to your company or clients.

Find relevant rules

Search for regulations that matter most to your business, then save the search and set custom alerts to hear about new rules as they are proposed.

Add them to Regulation Tracker

With one click, begin automatically gathering detail on each regulation and track developments until the rules are finalized. We keep you updated so you don’t have to read the Federal Register.

Monitor every update, as it happens

Forget digging for information on multiple government websites. Regulation Tracker collates new actions, comment submissions, docket material and relevant news in a single view.

Email alerts

Get the updates you need pushed to you. Regulation Tracker’s morning email gets you up to speed on regulation comments and how advocates, competitors and stakeholders are trying to influence the rules you’re following—giving you the time and understanding you need to craft a strong, strategic message.

Regulatory documents

Your BGOV subscription gives you access to a comprehensive collection of databases and documents to help you succeed in regulatory affairs, including:

  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Inspection Desk
  • Federal Register Table of Contents
  • OIRA & Significant Regulation Database
  • Docket Materials and Documents
  • Regulation Comments
  • Agency Profiles & Contacts

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