Turn opportunities into action.

Your team pipeline builder

Nobody lands a big contract on their own. Bloomberg Government includes a fully integrated suite of workflow tools that enables you to collaborate across your team and find the right partners outside your company. Turn teaming into your competitive advantage—and start transforming data and opportunities into winning bids.

Pipeline Manager

Manage your pipeline

BGOV workflow tools support you and your team through the entire contract lifecycle, enabling you to stay ahead of RFPs, track recompetes, qualify opportunities, manage your pipeline and seek out teaming opportunities—all in a few clicks. When you find a new opportunity, simply add it to your pipeline to see a clear timeline identifying the stage of solicitation, from Pre-RFP through to Award. You’ll also find an overview of the opportunity, with the contracting officer’s contact details alongside important dates, documents and contract details, including the incumbent vendor.

Work as a team

Pipeline Manager gets your whole team on the same page, providing a central collaborative space to organize BGOV content, track the bid process and share comments across multiple contacts. It also enables you to seek out teaming and subcontracting opportunities directly from the opportunity page. Alternatively, use Partner Finder to map partner relationships and pick the right teams with the right experience to help you prepare the most compelling bids. Analyze past performance to see which company has had the most success with a particular agency, under a specific NAICS code, and get the correct contact to dial straight away.

Suggested opportunities

Because Pipeline Manager is customized to your company profile, and is fully integrated with Bloomberg Government’s database of opportunities and tasks, it can suggest similar opportunities to the ones in your pipeline that are open for bids—multiplying your chances of securing new business.

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