The 12 Races to Watch in 12 Minutes — With an Airhorn (Podcast)

Bloomberg Government’s Emily Wilkins and Greg Giroux could talk about congressional campaigns all day. But as you likely have other things to do, the latest episode of Downballot Counts features the program’s first lightning speed round.

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Greg and Emily highlight 12 interesting races to watch in 12 minutes. They’re not necessarily the most competitive races — although some of them are — but each has a unique aspect that illuminates voters, trends and the direction of the country.

With producer David Schultz on the airhorn to signal the end of each 60 second block, this podcast will get you caught up on the campaign trail in less time than it takes to order twice through the Chick-fil-A drive thru.

Source: Bloomberg Government
Bloomberg Government reporters Greg Giroux and Emily Wilkins discuss the 12 races to watch in 12 minutes on the latest Downballot Counts

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