Navy to Open SeaPort NxG Rolling Admissions in FY 2021: Top 20

The U.S. Navy awarded its massive SeaPort Next Generation (Seaport NxG) contract to 1,870 companies in December 2018 and is already kicking off plans to add more by fiscal 2021.

On-ramps to SeaPort NxG, a major professional services vehicle, are the topic of this week’s Bloomberg Government Top 20 Opportunities. The Naval Sea Systems Command will reopen the RFP for a new tranche of companies through a rolling admissions process beginning around January 2021, according to a July 26presolicitation announcement.

The decision to begin acquisition planning for the on-ramps comes rather quickly, given the lack of activity on Seaport NxG since it was awarded in December.

To date, only two companies — Booz Allen Hamilton Corp. and Sehlke Consulting LLC — have reported obligations (totaling nearly $5 million) under the SeaPort NxG contract. That’s expected to change once spending obligations shift from the predecessor contract, SeaPort-e, to the follow-on contract, Seaport NxG. Since it began in fiscal 2001, SeaPort-e has generated nearly $63 billion in spending obligations.

In fiscal 2018, the top SeaPort-e contractor was Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp. with $384 million in obligations. Overall, the top contractor has been General Dynamics Corp.,with $6 billion in obligations since fiscal 2001. Almost all of the task orders on the contract have been in the NAICS code 541330 for Engineering Services. The top product service code is R425 for engineering and technical professional support, with $25.2 billion in obligations.

What’s Ahead

When SeaPort NxG was first competed in fiscal 2018, the terms and conditions stated that contractors submitting a SeaPort NxG bid had to show work “in support of the Navy.” To qualify for an award, a company must have some work, as a prime contractor or subcontractor, directly with the Navy. Of the 1,894 companies that submitted bids previously, 1,870 received awards.

For companies that haven’t done direct work for the Navy and are interested in a slot on Seaport NxG, there’s plenty of time to compete for work at the Navy before the agency solicits bids in January 2021.

Using BGOV

Companies interested in competing for work on Seaport NxG can use BGOV to capture upcoming opportunities. Click here for a list of 1,411 orders totaling $15.2 billion that are set to expire after Oct. 1, 2019, and are likely to be competed on Seaport NxG.

Or, click here for a list of open opportunities at the Navy if you are a contractor seeking new work to establish past performance before submitting a Seaport NxG bid in January 2021.

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