Jefrey Pollock on What Polls Got Right, Wrong in 2020 (Podcast)

Jefrey Pollock, founding partner and president of Global Strategy Group, joined the Downballot Counts podcast to discuss what the polls got right and wrong in the 2020 elections.

The top Democratic pollster, whose firm’s clients include some three dozen House and Senate members, told Kyle Trygstad and Greg Giroux that when all the votes are counted, polling will increasingly look “pretty good, not great” in the states that hosted the most competitive races. But it won’t be that way everywhere.

“Where the polls are going to be wildly off and need to be explained is in these deep red states,” Pollock said, citing Montana, Iowa, and Ohio.

Pollock said there were some tactical shifts in research strategies following polling errors in 2016 in an attempt to capture accurate voter samples. The industry, he noted, is only beginning to decipher the issues this time around.

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Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg
Polling indicated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would win the presidential election, but got plenty else wrong.

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