GSA to Issue Eight Pools for Multibillion-Dollar ASTRO Contract

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The government plans to issue eight multiple-award pools on its massive contract for manned and unmanned vehicles, codenamed “ASTRO,” according to documents released on Nov. 25.

The new contract is aimed at delivering manned and unmanned vehicle systems, robotics, and platforms for Defense Department intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) activities, according to the request for information (RFI). Bloomberg Government previously noted similarities between ASTRO and a contract called “ATLAS,” which was launched in the fall of 2018 and was intended for governmentwide use.

ASTRO is modeled on the General Services Administration’s OASIS contract, according to preliminary documents reviewed by Bloomberg Government, with multiple pools of contractors, a ten-year period of performance, and a multibillion-dollar ceiling value.

In the fourth request for information (RFI) update, GSA’s Federal Systems Integration Management Center (FEDSIM) said it plans to issue awards in eight pools on ASTRO, each corresponding to a multiple-award indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract.

Bloomberg Government subscribers can click the NAICS codes below to view a list of the top contractors associated with that market:

  • Data Operations – All data collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination activities. The Data Operations pool will use NAICS code 541990.
  • Mission Operations – All non-data collection and analysis services. The Mission Operations pool will use NAICS code 541990.
  • Aviation – Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The Aviation pool will use NAICS code 488190.
  • Space – Space platforms maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The Space pool will use NAICS code 488190.
  • Maritime – Maritime vehicle maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The Maritime pool will use NAICS code 336611.
  • Ground – Ground machinery maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The Ground pool will use NAICS codes 488490, 811111, 488999, and 811310.
  • Development/Systems Integration – Systems integration, systems improvement, and/or systems engineering. The Development pool will use NAICS code 541330 Exception A/B/C.
  • Research – All research and development. The Research pool will use NAICS codes 541713 and 541715.

FEDSIM hasn’t yet decided on the number of awards that will be made in each pool, and may offer on-ramps for additional pools at a later date, according to the Nov. 25 document.

To qualify, bidders must have performed a minimum of three previous projects relevant to each pool, up to a total of five. Bidders may compete for spots in more than one, but should submit only a single proposal.

Similar to OASIS, FEDSIM will evaluate bids according to “highest technically rated offerors with a fair and reasonable price” using a self-scoring system. Bidders must provide evidence of relevant experience working on larger projects, in multiple locations and overseas, on teams or with subcontractors, and on defense platforms. Bidders will receive additional points for factors such as participating in a hiring program for veterans, holding a Top Secret facilities clearance, and achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Level 3 and above.

Interested parties have until Dec. 20 to respond to the RFI.

Chris Cornillie is a federal market analyst with Bloomberg Government.

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