GOP May Vote on Trump Wall Funding in Bid to Rebut Pelosi: Aide

(Bloomberg) — 
House Republicans are considering voting on spending legislation that includes the $5b sought by President Trump for a U.S.-Mexican border wall, according to a GOP leadership aide.
  • There’s strong support among Republicans for the wall funding, aide says
  • If successfully passed by the chamber, the move would give Republicans the satisfaction of proving House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi wrong in her earlier claim to Trump that the House doesn’t have the votes needed to pass legislation with the $5b in wall financing
    • NOTE: The House rejected similar legislation in May, and the likelihood of passage in the Senate is dim
  • NOTE: Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, had a contentious public discussion earlier with Trump on the border wall issue
    • The drama may raise the chances of a partial government shutdown when funding for some agencies runs out after Dec. 21
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