Midterm Ad Messages Show Contrast in Party Approaches (Podcast)

If you’re already sick of campaign ads, Greg Giroux knows how you feel. He’s watched about 500 political ads that have aired since Labor Day to get a sense of what the big issues are and each party’s strategy to win the election.

What to Know in Washington: Manchin Seeks Reluctant GOP Votes

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is still campaigning for votes on his plan to fast-track energy projects, while expressing confidence he’ll win enough bipartisan backing to pass the permitting legislation.

House Bill to Intercept Drones Falls Short of White House Wishes

US government officials would get renewed power to combat dangerous drones under legislation House lawmakers introduced Thursday, just weeks before existing federal authorities are set to lapse.

What to Know in Washington: McCarthy’s GOP Plan Invokes Gingrich

When Newt Gingrich debuted his Contract with America in 1994, it spelled out what Republicans planned to pass in their first 100 days of a majority they easily swept in midterm elections that year.

Shippers Push Congress to Fix Rail Troubles After Averted Strike

Freight shippers are pressing Congress to address rail delays and service problems that slow the supply chain, in the wake of last week’s eleventh-hour deal averting a crippling national rail workers’ strike.

Police, Public Safety Bills Win House Support Ahead of Elections

The House passed a package of police and public safety legislation Thursday that Democrats intend to showcase in the fall midterms to counter Republican claims that they are soft on crime.

Daylight Saving Time Oversight Falls to an Unprepared Agency

Proponents of ending daylight saving time have a hurdle in their path: the agency charged with overseeing time in the US isn’t equipped for the role, according to a watchdog.

What to Know in Washington: Garland Faces Bad Trump Case Options

Attorney General Merrick Garland is rapidly approaching a choice likely to shape American politics and the boundaries of law enforcement for decades: whether Donald Trump will be the first former US president charged with a crime.

Contractors, Beware Common LinkedIn Mistakes: Mark Amtower

The most important moment for people browsing on LinkedIn is when they open a new profile. What they see or don’t see on that opening screen is a huge first impression.

Women in Line to Soon Control Congress’ Hobbled Spending Power

The powerful spending committees on Capitol Hill will almost certainly be led by women next year, a historic first with the potential to right the nation’s derailed government funding process.
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