Navigating the Post-Election Landscape

Nov. 12, 2020

[Learn how 2022 midterm elections shaped the 118th Congress and why it matters.]


The election is only the beginning, as it kicks off a series of changes to leadership, priorities, and policy efforts that span the country.

Government affairs professionals need to stay one step ahead of it all if they’re going to serve their clients with the intel and advocacy they rely on. Bloomberg Government can help you track all the moving parts, even amid unprecedented challenges.

“We’re seeing the reshaping of our economy in real time, and that is going to significantly influence what Congress and the president do for at least the next two years,” said Rich Gold, partner at Holland & Knight, and leader of the firm’s public policy and regulation group. “And that will influence what government affairs focuses on for 2021 and 2022 and possibly beyond.”

Additionally, many of the big issues of today touch on a wide range of industries. This means government affairs professionals need to conduct more in-depth and customized research and analysis. A cookie-cutter approach simply won’t cut it. To move the needle, lobbyists need to discover the root cause or drivers of particular trends.

“In such a changing environment, there’s a real need to figure out how do we advance the ball? How do we think creatively, strategically? And then when the next play comes, you have to reassess all over again,” said Karishma Shah Page, partner at K&L Gates. “That’s the piece about being forward-leaning, regardless of what your role is. But you also have to be able to communicate in a way that all of the stakeholders can really understand and be on the same page.”

From news and analysis about the latest developments on the Hill and in state legislatures to tracking bills and regulations, and researching whom to contact about them, Bloomberg Government has the tools to support government affairs professionals in navigating the post-election transition.

News and Analysis

Deepen your understanding of the issues that are important to your organization with original Bloomberg Government analysis and a searchable database of 35,000 other sources.

What’s Happening in Washington

To drive the agenda in Washington, you need to stay on top of each stage of the legislative and rulemaking processes.

Keeping a Pulse on State Legislatures

Monitoring activity at the state level can mean tracking millions of data points. Trackers and alerts keep you organized and focused.

Who’s Who on the Hill and Beyond

New faces in Congress and the reshuffling of committee roles means staying on top of the changes can be a full-time job. Make it easy with directories updated in real time.

Tracking Legislative Developments

Find out how alerts, congressional trackers, and calendars delivered right to your inbox ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Shaping a Government Affairs Career

Discover trends influencing government affairs professionals’ careers, with a focus on salary, compensation, benefits, and the impact of Covid-19.

“[An important] skillset is being able to explain what happens in D.C. and how it impacts a company,” said Carolyn Coda, principal and chair of the tax and financial services practice at Invariant. “The biggest question that a client will always ask is, ‘What does that mean for me?’ Being able to connect those dots and communicate that information is extremely important, especially during election season.”

No matter what the issue is or what your position is, Bloomberg Government has the comprehensive tools and resources to help you succeed. To learn more, check out our Post-Elections Guide to Navigating Washington.