Put Washington in your pocket.

Bloomberg Government for iPhone

Your phone is an extension of your body, which is why Bloomberg Government never leaves your side. Access all the news, events and people you need to know wherever you go with the BGOV mobile app.

BGOV mobile

Customized news feed

Get the news you need, delivered how and when you need it. Create a customized feed of the news and alerts you need to stay ahead of the game when away from your desk.

Comprehensive directories

Know who to contact and how to reach them with mobile access to Washington’s most comprehensive directories. Every staffer, every player, every Member—in depth, in detail and just a screen tap away.

Personal daybook

Keep up to date on relevant upcoming events with your own personal daybook. Stay looped in on the upcoming events that matter most to you and your organization.

Desktop synchronization

Your BGOV browser and mobile app experiences are seamlessly synchronized, meaning any change you make on your desktop goes with you.

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