BGOV + Salesforce

The better way to manage
your opportunity pipeline.


Expertise + productivity


Home in on the right opportunities with BGOV, and organize them seamlessly in Salesforce.


Update, edit, and track your opportunities, while sharing data, reports, and more with your staff.


Get an overview of your entire pipeline to plot your strategy.  And find more opportunities to win.

Opportunity + Turbocharging

With Opportunity Search on BGOV generating 850% more opportunities than searches, combined with the workforce dynamics of Salesforce, you’ll find, manage, and collaborate on your opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

How it works

Step 1

You’ll use Opportunity Search on BGOV to zero in on the opportunity best suited to your firm’s skill set.

Step 2

With just a click, that opportunity is added to Salesforce, ready to be pursued and worked upon.

Step 3

You’re ready to get live staff feedback, track RFP progress, generate reports, and so much more.

What you get


Adding a new opportunity is a simple click away


Create new opportunities and update existing ones


View staff activity, collaboration, and engagement


Take a panoramic look at your overall pipeline


Rely on constant, consistent updates to our solution

How you start

Set up an in-person or virtual product demonstration today.