Bloomberg Government’s Salesforce Connector

Bloomberg Government is a one-stop-shop that brings historical and current opportunity data together resulting in a more effective and efficient pipeline for your business. And now, we’ve launched our Bloomberg Government Connector for Salesforce allowing you fuel your own environment with the most accurate federal market intelligence in real-time.

Expertise + productivity

Accelerate the Time to Value of Your CRM

Your Trusted Federal Data Partner

Enable Your Entire Team

Seamless Integration

Opportunity + Turbocharging

Bloomberg Government’s Salesforce Connector enables you to better track RFP progress, promote greater collaboration within your team, receive live feedback, and generate reports – all with one subscription. Enable your team to stay ahead of changing business priorities and capture updates to save time and eliminate manual data entry.

How it works

Step 1

You’ll use Upcoming Opportunities on BGOV to find solicitations, contracts, and task orders best suited to your firm’s skill set.

Step 2

With just a click, you can send qualified opportunities over to your own Salesforce.

Step 3

Receive BGOV’s trusted automatic data updates, in real-time, on federal work you are tracking.

What you get


Adding a new opportunity is a simple click away


Create new opportunities and update existing ones


Take a panoramic look at your overall pipeline

Our top priority is ensuring that government contractors are always actioning on the most up-to-date information.

How you start

Set up an in-person or virtual product demonstration today.