Who Draws the Lines – Monitoring Developments in Redistricting

December 14, 2021 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

On December 14, we hosted a webinar on how congressional redistricting will reshape the political landscape, featuring analysis by Bloomberg Government analysts and the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Watch the replay of this live discussion for insights into:

  • Who draws congressional districts
  • How the redistricting process works in various states
  • Early projections that can be made on the outcome


Wendy Underhill headshot

Wendy Underhill
Director for Elections and Redistricting
National Conference of State Legislatures

Wendy Underhill is the director for elections and redistricting at the National Conference of State Legislatures, headquartered in Denver. She has been with NCSL for 11 years, covering how America votes, and more recently, the census and redistricting. She spearheaded the publication of Redistricting Law 2020, NCSL’s fourth iteration of this book. Her mantra for 2020 was “Be Calm.” For 2021, it is “Stay Calm.”

Greg Giroux
Senior Elections Reporter
Bloomberg Government

Greg Giroux writes and edits profiles of members of Congress, analyzes congressional voting behavior, and contributes to Bloomberg's coverage of campaigns, elections, money in politics, the 2020 census, and redistricting. He joined Bloomberg in 2010 as an analyst with BGOV and previously worked at Congressional Quarterly, where he helped write and edit seven editions of the almanac "Politics in America.” He's calculated the presidential election returns in all 435 congressional districts. In 2011, POLITICO recognized Greg as one of "50 politicos to watch."

Kyle Trygstad
Politics Editor
Bloomberg Government

Kyle Trygstad joined BGOV as politics editor in 2019, where he leads the publication’s coverage of congressional elections, leadership and influence. The four years prior he served as editor in chief of National Journal’s The Hotline, and was previously a features editor and political reporter at Roll Call and a Washington correspondent for Real Clear Politics. In that time he covered national party conventions; reported from the Capitol and the campaign trail, from San Diego to Savannah; provided political analysis on TV and radio; moderated panels; and delivered speeches.
Brenna Goth headshot

Brenna Goth
Bloomberg Industry Group

Brenna Goth is the southwest staff correspondent for Bloomberg Industry Group based in Phoenix. She leads the newsroom’s coverage of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, focusing on the impact of public policy, politics, and legal developments on people, companies, and industries. Goth was previously the Phoenix growth and development reporter for The Arizona Republic and the USA Today Network. She holds a degree in journalism and Latin American studies from the University of Arizona.