Rapid Response Webinar: The President’s Fiscal 2020 Budget Request

March 12, 2019 | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

President Donald Trump will make his opening move in the condensed fiscal 2020 budget process following the 35-day partial government shutdown that delayed closing the books on fiscal 2019.

Join Bloomberg Government analysts as they provide an overview of the president’s budget proposal, which will face a tough road through the Democrats’ House majority. The analysts will look at topics including:

• Proposed agency cuts and increases
• Potential program and agency eliminations
• Implications for the coming battle over federal spending caps


Adam Taylor
Legislative Analyst

Podcast host and legislative analyst covering energy, environment, tech, and judiciary. Follow me @adamtaylordc

Michael Smallberg
Legislative Analyst

Legislative analyst covering financial services, homeland security, veterans affairs, and government oversight.

Adam Schank
Team Leader

Legislative analyst team leader. I actually read bills. Follow me @Schank_A

Danielle Parnass
Deputy Team Leader

Legislative analyst covering health, agriculture, education, and more. Follow me @daniparnass

Sarah Babbage
Legislative Analyst

Legislative analyst covering tax, trade, and infrastructure. Follow me @sarahbabbage