Successfully Lobby Across Jurisdictions

February 1, 2024

[Track legislative developments and maximize efficiency with Bloomberg Government.]

Workloads for state policy professionals are immense: sifting through hundreds of bills, actively lobbying on specific pieces of legislation for multiple clients, preparing written testimony for dozens of hearings, continuing advocacy work across many states, reporting on meetings to stakeholders, and tracking all activity for compliance purposes.

With increasing volumes of work, it is easy for things to slip through the cracks, especially when needing to manually search through multiple resources to find and verify relevant developments.

However, Bloomberg Government’s continually advancing feature enhancements makes it even easier for you to manage workflows by seamlessly tracking legislative trends, bill activity, and key players across multiple jurisdictions, so that you can quickly engage the appropriate legislators on the issues you care about.

State bill comparison

Powered by AI, our state bill comparison reduces the amount of time you’d spend reading through individual bills. With one click, you can cross-reference similar passages and gain insight into policy positioning that you can then leverage when drafting legislation or crafting campaign messaging. You’ll quickly see what’s in progress, learn from past failures, and identify key points you can reference to influence action and alignment from legislators.

State legislative tracker

With our state legislative tracker, you can narrow your search of specific bills across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Each bill listed on Bloomberg Government includes an easy-to-read summary that pares away verbose legalese and bundles together other essential info, such as when the bill was introduced, who sponsored or cosponsored it, if it was passed in respective state legislative chambers, and if it was signed into law.

Bill density map

Our new interactive bill density map offers a geographic visual of search results. Simply hover over any state and see session details, crossover deadlines, and key elected officials. Click on any jurisdiction to filter search results live and immediately get new results. Users can also track historical data on bills and share all pertinent information with their colleagues, eliminating the need to send multiple links.

Session timelines

Our session timeline offers an easily digestible visual to keep track of state legislative sessions, with information on which states are in and out of session, how long current sessions will last, and when other ones are slated to begin. By quickly and efficiently gathering these session dates, you can strategically plan out their travel to various state capitals to meet with stakeholders and the public.

State legislative directories

More than just a yellow book, our state legislative directories make networking easier by providing up-to-date contact information for state representatives and their staff. Search our extensive database and see a snapshot of their career records, political affiliation, email and office number, committees and caucuses, and sponsored legislation.

How do I access state-focused features on Bloomberg Government?

Bloomberg Government subscribers can currently access legislative tracking, bill density map, session timeline, state legislative directories, among other features by clicking on the “State” tab in the upper banner of the home page. If you’re not a current BGOV subscriber, you can request a demo to see how Bloomberg Government can help you stay informed, save time, and craft an effective state lobbying or governmental affairs strategy.

What our customers are saying

That's super cool…I'm really encouraged to see that you all added that state map. That's very neat. Session info view – This is a very cool format. I’m so happy you guys added this.
Christina Kaeini
Director of Government Relations
I love the way it looks. It's clean. The search function is easy. I'm a fan.
Chase Burgess
Director of Government Relations
Searching state legislation is very intuitive in Bloomberg Government. Simple tabs and dedicated search boxes make it easy to find targeted information, compared to clunky plan-filter-search functions on other platforms. I also love the legislative timeline at the top of each bill; the visual data representation makes it so easy to determine key stages and status.
Meredith Heaps
Research Specialist
Nelson Mullins