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Quality data and actionable insights to build your strategy and fuel your pipeline.

Quality, speed, and accuracy at your fingertips

Access to comprehensive federal data is a necessity for contractors seeking to stay competitive. At Bloomberg Government our data is enhanced by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and expert human analysis. We equip you with speedy and accurate insights so you can make data-driven decisions confidently.

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Identify and qualify opportunities efficiently

Time is your most valuable asset – don’t waste it on searching and qualifying potential opportunities. BGOV’s Upcoming Opportunities embeds predictive AI models to surface new opportunities and swiftly qualify them for your business. Gain early insight into upcoming BGOV-predicted RFP dates, enabling your team to draft effective proposals ahead of schedule.

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Comprehensive market view with BGOV Markets

BGOV’s Historical Spending helps you to efficiently size and scope your market for a firm grasp on business growth. Our BGOV Markets offer a precise and comprehensive insight into your market. Track the money trail from policy impacts to procurement decisions, and stay ahead of the emerging market trends.

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Trustworthy company profiles for informed decisions

Get in-depth insights about potential partners and competitors. Our detailed Company Profiles offer critical insights into other companies and their contracts. Plus, we provide points of contact for each company, making it easier for you when looking for collaboration opportunities.

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Agency profiles to unlock insights into mission-critical priorities

Explore key priorities and contacts with BGOV’s comprehensive Agency Profiles. Designed to provide deep understanding of each agency’s mission, contract activity, and purchasing trends, our profiles help business developers navigate their customers. We provide a searchable database of top federal decision-makers with the opportunities they manage.

Dedicated client support, anytime you need

Your success is our commitment. We provide you with an account manager and offer 24/7 support – all at no additional cost. This commitment ensures you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The Bloomberg Government advantage

Experience the benefits of a premium product that is designed with you in mind. We offer expert insights, breadth of content, and depth of data for making accurate decisions with real impact. Bloomberg Government is not just a tool; we’re your partner in navigating the federal market intelligently and confidently.

“Our team has been able to rapidly develop bid pipelines when entering new markets.” – Federal Business Developer

Stay ahead with Bloomberg Government

Join the growing number of satisfied clients leveraging Bloomberg Government to power their success. Request a demo today, and experience why Bloomberg Government is the superior choice in federal market intelligence.

“The immense and current contract data combined with various filtering tools allowed our team to quickly identify opportunities, contacts, trends, and vital information.” – Federal Business Developer

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