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Bloomberg Government is a research platform that provides you with focused news and analysis, rich data, expert insights, and more – everything you need to generate opportunity and influence the influencers.

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Two Markets. One Solution.

Government Affairs

Whether it’s relevant policy news to inform your next meeting on the Hill, or directories to find the right people to meet with, Bloomberg Government is your key to open all the doors.

  • Government Affairs Professionals
  • Policy Experts
  • Congress
  • Federal Agencies

Government Contracting

Win opportunities and grow your pipeline through best-in-class data and analytics that help you track developments with profit potential to find, win, and retain business.

  • Business Development
  • Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Capture Management

One Service.

Multiple Data Sets.

Access unmatched data. Utilize proprietary tools and resources and shape the data to best serve your needs.


Floor & Committee Coverage

Current & Comprehensive

Legislation & Regulation
Research, Track, & Report

Intelligence Tools & Data

Workflow Tools
Mobile App & Meeting Notes

Hearings, Markups, & More


Opportunity Search
250% More Than FBO

Expert Analysis
25 Years Average Experience

Market Research
All Federal Spending

Federal Budget
Opportunity Leads

97,000+ Contacts

Salesforce Integration

Unlimited Access


Budget & Appropriations



Energy & Environment

Financial Services

Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Legal & Lobbying


Tech & Telecom




Breaking News

  • 200+ D.C.-Area Reporters
  • Daily Newsletters
  • Custom News Alerts


Policy Analysis

  • Bill Summaries
  • Regulatory Insights
  • Lobbying Trends


Contract Analysis

  • Top 20 Opportunities
  • Market Insights
  • Federal Budget Trends

Features & Enhancements

Contracting Vehicle Pages

Every task order and statement of work for every major contracting vehicle, including small-business competitive and set-aside spending.

Meeting Notes

Track all of your outreach efforts in one place. Bloomberg Government empowers your team to collaborate, network, and report to stakeholders.

Grassroots Advocacy

Motivate your audience to take action with Bloomberg Government’s new grassroots advocacy platform. Megaphone by Bloomberg Government allows you to quickly build high-impact landing pages that connect your supporters to key policy influencers and decision-makers.

Events & Webinars

Make the connections you need at our informative sessions – including exclusive-audience engagements with Washington’s most prominent minds.

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