6/7 Breakfast
In/Site: Chairman Mike Conaway & Chairman Pat Roberts
House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway (R-TX) has been a long-time defender of farmers and ranchers. With the next Farm Bill in the works and farm profits at a 14-year low, the Chairman has laid out clear priorities for his committee. Join Bloomberg Government for breakfast on June 7 to find out what’s ahead in agriculture policy.
6/7 Featured
Are you on the list? Bloomberg Government has completed the fifth annual BGOV200 report, a ranking of the top 200 vendors by value of prime, unclassified contracts awarded by U.S. agencies in fiscal 2015.
6/22 Featured
New regulations, technologies and geopolitical realities have made supply chain risk an issue faced by an increasing number of federal contractors. Join Bloomberg Government as we discuss the risks facing your organization and opportunities to improve your supply chain process.
6/23 Breakfast
1101 K Street NW, Suite 500  |   Washington, DC 20005
As the U.S. presidential election nears, the economy remains one of the most important issues on voters’ minds. In a breakfast discussion led by Bloomberg Politics’ Managing Editors and hosts of “With All Due Respect” Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, a group of Capitol Hill advisers, economists and policymakers will dissect the presidential candidates’ economic proposals and what each of those plans may mean for the country’s long-term health.
6/29 Event
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center  |   1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW  |   Washington, DC 20004  |  
Bloomberg Government’s first annual RE/BOOT Conference will bring together innovators, technologists and policymakers to talk about how to transform technology within the government from the inside out, and the outside in.

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