7/25 Featured
Philadelphia, PA
As the Democratic Party gathers in Philadelphia to establish its platform for the next four years, Bloomberg Government, in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund and Defend Our Future, will convene a roundtable lunch conversation on how the Democratic Party and its elected and future leaders will address climate change in the years to come.
8/4 Featured
The conventions are underway—congressional hopefuls and incumbents alike are slated to speak in Cleveland and Philadelphia. What impact will the conventions have on the ongoing Senate races, and what is the outlook following both events?
8/25 Event
Contemporary Jewish Museum  |   736 Mission St.  |   San Francisco, CA
More than 60 years since artificial intelligence was first defined as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines,” AI appears headed for mainstream. Bloomberg Government, in partnership with Western Digital, will explore the vast promises of this technology revolution as well as concerns over its privacy, safety and control.

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