The challenges to executing your 2018 government relations strategy

By now your government relations team has its strategy for the coming year. The strategic planning meeting usually features clever phrases to motivate organizational stakeholders to follow the strategy. 

Waiting on watchdogs

The confirmation hearings of presidential appointees have been front page news of late, mostly because of the foibles of some of the nominees.  Without question, the task of filling positions after a Presidential transition is a daunting task. 

U.S. Government pursuit of emerging technologies may attract non-traditional companies

Bloomberg Government regularly publishes insights, opinions and best practices from our community of senior leaders and decision-makers. This column is written by Jenner & Block Partner Marc Van Allen and Jenner & Block Summer Associate Umer Chaudhry. 

The psychology of grassroots advocacy and sustaining a movement

Historically low public trust and confidence in government could pose a significant threat to sustaining grassroots movements and civic participation in government relations.

Does fear influence or immobilize

Whether it’s deciding who to vote for, or how whether to give money or your time to a cause, many believe that instilling fear in your supporters wins their allegiance and action.

The top 5 predictors of success when attempting to influence an undecided legislator

When it comes to influencing members of Congress there are no “six easy steps to yes.” To increase your influence, you need a strategy.

Contractor confidence a bright spot in an uncertain political environment

Survey results show that contractors, vendors and suppliers are betting that the economy will continue to grow, and agency budgets and spending will continue to improve.

Cybersecurity and cryptography in the post-quantum world

A quantum computer can solve certain computational problems in fewer steps than a classical computer. While this efficiency presents opportunities in areas such as machine learning and data analytics, it also poses certain risks in cryptography and cybersecurity.