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To reform or not reform the tax code

Tax Reform remains a major priority for Republicans in Congress and the President. But, it will be one of the most difficult things to achieve in Washington.


Special Operations Command creating new drone technology initiative

U.S. Special Operations Command is partnering with the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office to create a new organization dedicated to advancing drone technology

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Can the GOP fix the corporate income tax?

There aren’t many things that Republican and Democratic politicians concur on nowadays. But most would agree that our corporate income tax system is a mess.

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F-35’s logistics system moves forward with new software upgrade

The Defense Department’s F-35 office has given the Navy and Air Force the green light to upgrade the aircraft’s information technology backbone, the Automatic Logistics Information System.

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Why real news matters

Fake news has real advertisements and makes a good deal of real money. It can also be a very real problem.

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Quantum computing is about to disrupt the government contracts market

Quantum computers are nearing market-readiness and all signs point to the U.S. government as a major buyer.

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Can tech and government get along?

Technology-driven innovations promise to improve our lives. Yet, these market disrupters are also on a collision course with government regulators.

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How tax reform will unfold: The political landscape in the wake of Trump-Ryan health bill

White House and GOP Congressional leaders are likely to begin Tax Reform this Spring using the FY 2018 congressional budget process, to take advantage of Budget Reconciliation’s filibuster-proof fast-track in the Senate. Here’s how it works.

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As funding deadline looms, budget is on everyone’s mind

Protracted budget fights have been a bane for the defense industry, as it causes the Pentagon to think short term and hold back on new procurements, not knowing if the funding will be approved.

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The president’s budget is out. Here are 3 ways you can fight cuts to your organization.

The President’s fiscal year 2018 budget was released March 16 and, in the brief time it took folks to analyze it, winners and losers were instantly identified.