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What’s the latest on the Congressional races?

The DNC is underway—congressional hopefuls and incumbents alike are slated to speak. Here's the latest on the races happening in the states.

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Sanders doesn’t mention fracking

Bernie Sanders downplayed his complaints about Hillary Clinton's energy focus last night, and climate activists discussed how to rally support for their position. Maybe voters don't need to think that climate change is the priority that activists do, Michael Brune said. Also today, the six Americas of climate change.

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Pentagon’s new buying procedures may jump to civilian agencies

New acquisition rules that took effect at the Pentagon on May 1 may soon apply to nondefense agencies.

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AWEA’s Tom Kiernan: What rowing taught him about leadership

Tom Kiernan, president of the American Wind Energy Association, sat down with Bloomberg Government to chat about the wind industry, policy issues he's watching, and how he avoided the crocodiles while kayaking Kenya's Tana River 30 years ago.

U.S. Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan projects spending increase to $16.8b in FY18 from $14.6b in FY17 if Congress restores funding to pre-sequestration levels.

  • Plan calls for spending average of $16.6b/yr through FY21
  • “Plan will be difficult to execute if Congress” doesn’t repeal 2011 budget caps, Deputy Defense Sec. Robert Work says in report
  • Plan projects 308 ships between FY21-FY28 from 276 today
  • Bloomberg News obtained latest version of the 30-yr plan sent today to congressional defense committees
  • Plan sees funding for General Dynamics-Huntington Ingalls Virginia-class submarines increasing to $7.3b in FY20 from $4.95b in FY17; planned funding is $28.6b through FY21
    • Funding bankrolls new “Virginia Payload Module” program in FY19 to carry more Tomahawk cruise missiles
    • Huntington Ingalls Ford-class carrier funding seen hitting $13.5b through FY21, with $4.3b in FY18
    • Navy plans to spend $9.2b through FY20 on Ohio-class replacement submarine to be built by General Dynamics with Huntington as subcontractor
    • Pentagon added $2.3b in current budget plan to help finance first Ohio-class submarine in 2021
    • Navy to pursue “incremental funding profile” for first Ohio-class between FY21-FY23
  • See link to plan
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Tim Kaine is a Democrat who backed Atlantic drilling, LNG exports, coal

Tim Kaine is no Bernie Sanders, and his positions on energy issues illustrate that point. While Hillary Clinton's running mate supports policies to address climate change, he's also been supportive of his home state's coal industry, offshore drilling in the Atlantic and of LNG exports.

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How the Pentagon is preparing for the change in administration

The transition at the Defense Department is always a major focus due to the nature of its mission and demanding responsibilities. Months before the November presidential election, Pentagon advisory teams have been mobilized to help prepare the next administration for the management challenges that lie ahead.