Joe Biden looks for Pope’s help on cancer after son’s death

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden sought a lift from Pope Francis for the White House’s "moonshot" effort to cure cancer.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Adios, Yucca: Tapping the private sector for nuclear waste in Texas

The Lone Star State wants to take a free-market approach to nuclear waste. The troubled economics of carbon-capture technology and AEP wants Ohio to re-regulate the utilities.

Pentagon still too slow to buy Silicon Valley tech

For some Silicon Valley startups, it’s simpler to sell to the militaries of U.S. allies than to the Defense Department.

The Workforce of the Future

How Bloomberg’s on-demand reports are making life easier for contractors

Bloomberg Government’s analyst team spends a lot of time pouring over the latest data to create new market analyses each quarter (so you don’t have to). But what if clients could define their own markets and generate complete, in-depth reports whenever they need—on whatever they need?

By Tony Capaccio

(Bloomberg) — U.S. deployed Lockheed Martin Corp. THAAD missile interceptors to Guam in 2013 before testing their capability to intercept Chinese, N. Korean intermediate-range missiles, U.S. Government Accountability Office says in new report

  • Flight test to prove capability against intermediate missile threat has been delayed almost two years to 2017 from 2015: GAO
  • “However, Army deployed battery to Guam to defend against this threat range:” GAO
  • “As a result” U.S. “will have a battery deployed for at least 4 yrs with undemonstrated capability”: GAO
  • THAAD experienced setbacks in 2015 delivering 3 of 44 planned interceptors “to address mission computer failures and shelf-life concerns”: GAO
  • “Once corrections were made and testing complete delivery resumed” GAO
  • NOTE: U.S.-S Korea now discussing placing “Terminal High Altitude Area Defense” missile battery in country; missile is designed to intercept short and medium-range missiles in middle and descent stage of flight
  • NOTE: Missile Defense Agency since 2002 has received $123b to develop and deploy Army, Navy, national defense systems; expects to spend $38b between now and FY20, GAO says
Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News

The methane moment: Next steps in the climate conversation

On the heels of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, which commits the United States to achieving a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, Bloomberg Government, in partnership with the Sierra Club, convened a breakfast briefing on the role methane plays in future climate conversations.

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Senate boiling over heavy water

Senators James Inhofe and Barbara Boxer building bridges -- and roads, water pipes and Flint -- with their Water Resources Development Act. And Senator Tom Cotton is in the middle of a fight between Republicans and the White House over his Iran amendment to the otherwise uncontroversial energy-approps bill.