The Top 10 IT Contractors

June 21, 2023

The Top 10 IT Contractors

A ranking of the top 200 federal contractors based on fiscal year 2022 data for unclassified, prime contracts awarded across all federal government agencies.

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[Download the 12th annual BGOV200, a ranking of the top federal contractors.]

Outside of major defense acquisitions, there were other markets in FY22 that had significant representation from the top 200 vendors, including IT and professional services.

Most of the money for IT and professional services came in the form of governmentwide contract vehicles, such as Alliant 2 Large Business, SEWP V, and OASIS, which can serve as points of entry for companies new to government contracting. Read the full BGOV200 report or see highlights about the IT sector below.

Industry trends and insights

Two of the largest governmentwide acquisition contracts for complex IT services accelerated their market traction. Agencies are showing an increased appetite for buying complex IT services using best-in-class vehicles.

Spending patterns point to the importance for vendors of winning spots on GWAC and BIC vehicles to stay competitive in the market defined by North American Industry Classification System code 541512, the dominant one among related IT services segments.

A 32% increase in contract spending within this single industry category for computer systems design led to a total of $29 billion for fiscal 2022. The market’s two top vehicles, Alliant and CIO-SP3, are GWACs and BIC contracts. They significantly outpaced that overall growth.

How will Bloomberg Government help me get ahead?

Bloomberg Government provides IT contractors – including ones listed on the BGOV200 – with up-to-date information on critical and emerging technologies, IT procurement opportunities, agency IT budgets, IT policy and regulatory changes, and more. Together, these resources can help IT professionals develop well-informed business strategies, submit strong  proposals, and stay competitive within the industry. Request a demo.

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