Top 10 IT Contractors

Posted June 26, 2020

Bloomberg Government has launched the ninth annual BGOV200, a ranking of the top federal contractors. See the list and download the report →

Technology continued to be a massive contributor to market growth. It grew by $4.4 billion between fiscal 2018 and 2019 and now stands at nearly $70 billion. In fiscal 2019, tech services drove the growth and expanded by $3.3 billion, to $48.2 billion, as agencies continued investing in modernization efforts to replace legacy systems. Hardware purchases had an $800 million uptick, to $21.4 billion, as agencies updated equipment.

This is the sixth straight year that federal technology markets experienced growth. Spending was nearly $70 billion in fiscal 2019, up from $50 billion in fiscal 2014. Annual increases throughout the six-year period have averaged $3.3 billion.

These are the top 10 information technology contractors on this year’s BGOV200:

  • 1. General Dynamics Corp.

  • 2. Leidos Holdings Inc.

  • 3. Harris Corp.

  • 4. Perspecta Inc

  • 5. Booz Allen Hamilton Corp.

  • 6. Raytheon Co.

  • 7. Accenture Plc

  • 8. Northrop Grumman Corp.

  • 9. CDW Corp.

  • 10. Dell Inc.

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