The top 10 IT contractors

June 10, 2021

[Bloomberg Government has launched the tenth annual BGOV200, a ranking of the top federal contractors. See the list and download the report.]

Technology continued to be a massive contributor to federal market growth. It grew by $6.8 billion year over year, which is the single largest growth year on record. Information technology is consistently among the markets with reliable growth rates each year, growing to $76.2 billion in fiscal 2020 from $57.3 billion in fiscal 2016. The market was on a growth trajectory before Covid-19 due to continued investment in IT modernization. Technology was bolstered beyond forecast amounts as agencies adopted remote work measures in fiscal 2020.

In fiscal 2020 technology services – which cut through most of the spending categories listed below – drove most IT growth and expanded by $5.1 billion, to $53.5 billion, as agencies continued investing in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud platforms, and digital services. Hardware purchases rose to $22.7 billion – an uptick of $1.5 billion – as agencies updated equipment.

General Dynamics ($3.8 billion), Leidos Holdings Inc. ($3.2 billion), and L3Harris ($2.6 billion) were the top companies in the IT sector on the 2021 BGOV200 list. These companies maintained their dominance by relying on major single-award contracts in combination with a broad portfolio of multiple-award contracts.

Small businesses accounted for $26.7 billion of the overall $76.2 billion in fiscal 2020 IT spending. The top small businesses on the BGOV200 list include FCN Inc. ($563 million), ThunderCat Technology LLC ($488 million), and V3Gate LLC ($475 million).

Among the six IT subcategories, IT outsourcing produced the highest increase in fiscal 2020 and is expected to continue in fiscal 2021.

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These are the top ten largest IT contractors on the 2021 BGOV200 list:

  1. General Dynamics Corp.

Obligations: $3.7B

  1. Leidos Holdings Inc.

Obligations: $3.2B

  1. L3Harris Technologies Inc.

Obligations: $2.5B

  1. Raytheon Co.

Obligations: $2.4B

  1. Perspecta Inc

Obligations: $2.1B

  1. Dell Technologies Inc.

Obligations: $2B

  1. Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp.

Obligations: $2B

  1. Accenture

Obligations: $1.7B

  1. Science Applications International Corp.

Obligations: $1.5B

  1. CACI International Inc.

Obligations: $1.4B

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