9 Questions (and Answers) to Guide You Through the Lame Duck Session

Welcome to a brand new Washington. President-elect Trump’s unprecedented electoral upset fundamentally changes what you should expect in the Lame Duck session of Congress. Bloomberg Government has prepared nine questions and answers to help you prepare for what comes next. (November 2016)

The Presidential Transitions Checklist

New president. New congress. New battle lines. All across Washington, influence is in transition. As the political calculus is recalculated, Bloomberg Government presents the one list you need to master the new Washington. (September 2016)

How Washington Works: Congressional Careers

In an election year, transition is naturally on the mind. But how do you navigate Washington to find that next opportunity? Download Bloomberg Government’s guide on how to gain insight into managing your career development – on or off Capitol Hill. (February 2016)

2016 Dates You Need to Know Infographic

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Government Affairs Brochure

In government affairs, it’s your job to know Washington, backward and forward. To master Washington’s complexity, it takes data, analytics, insight—and speed. Download our government affairs overview brochure to learn more. (December 2015)

Omnibus Cheat Sheet

Get a quick guide to everything you need to know about the last burst of Congressional action in 2015. (December 2015)