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FY21 Navy-Marine Corps Budget Priorities

Global Waters and Contracting Opportunities

The Navy and Marine Corps have a significant mission that requires them to remain prepared in both times of peace and times of war. As they fulfill their mission in water across the globe, learn how you can fulfill yours by providing them with the tools they need according to their budget and priorities with the Navy Budget and Contracting White Paper.

Takeaways from this analysis include:

President’s Budget Request

  • FY 2021 budget request of $207.1 billion is a 1% decrease from 2020 enacted level
  • Estimated contracting spending for FY 2021 is $122.2 billion would be a decrease from $126.3 in FY 2019
  • Navy’s goal of 355 or even 435 ships remains elusive under current budget projections
  • Ship procurement down 16% from FY 2020 –looking for $40 billion more in future years
  • Savings may now be needed to offset Coronavirus costs
  • The future of the Navy may be unmanned as investments grow and O&M costs for manned systems crowd out procurement budgets

IT and Professional Services Spending

  • Navy IT budget for FY 2021 in $25.4 billion, close to levels of two previous years
  • Marine Corps emphasizing electronics and communications purchases, big structural changes will drive shifts in procurement

What’s Ahead

  • Professional services will flow through Seaport and NGEN will absorb most IT work

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