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Federal IT Budget & Contract Opportunities Report

The Federal IT Budget & Contract Opportunities report finds that about 71 percent of the government-wide information technology was spent on federal contracting and the remaining 29 percent is toward internal agency operation between fiscal 2014 and 2018. Most of those contract obligations go toward IT modernization, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Key report findings include:

  • The top 10 cybersecurity vendors have won about one third of the cybersecurity contract obligations since fiscal 2014.
  • Bloomberg Government projects that federal cloud expenditures will surpass $8 billion in fiscal 2018
  • In fiscal 2017, federal agencies spent close to $2.1 billion on data analytics and business intelligence and more than $450 million on A.I.-related projects.

Download the report to review President Trump’s approach to IT modernization, IT budget and obligations by fiscal year and the current top IT opportunities.

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