Bloomberg Government Unveils Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring

Washington, D.C. (May 1, 2023) — Bloomberg Government (BGOV) announced the launch of its new, real-time social media monitoring and analysis feature. As an enhancement to BGOV’s trusted news and alerts, social media monitoring makes it easier for customers to follow relevant policy issues across social platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

With advanced search capabilities across keywords and phrases, custom alerts, dashboards and reporting, BGOV customers can stay on top of what key influencers are saying, identify issues and trends as they develop, and stay ahead of shifting conversations and sentiments. BGOV customers can now gauge issue sentiment, monitor conversations before they gain traction, and identify key online conversations in real-time in one centralized dashboard.  And with a daily breakdown of all monitored issues, identification of influencers shaping larger conversations, and tracking and comparison of total mentions of specific topics, users are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the social media landscape surrounding their interests.

“I have been very impressed with the ability to track, filter, and automatically deliver information: the set-up is thorough, and the alerts and emails have been beneficial and relevant to me and others at AJW,” said Matt James, associate at AJW, in reference to the new social media monitoring tool. “We appreciate the customized set-up services and BGOV’s informative tools.”

“In an era where social media plays an increasingly important role in shaping policy and public opinion, BGOV’s newest offering helps users stay informed and ahead of policy developments,” said Arielle Elliott, president of Bloomberg Government. “This innovative addition to our suite of services ensures that our clients have access to the most relevant and comprehensive information to stay ahead of developments at the federal and state level.
With the launch of this new feature, Bloomberg Government continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing customers with the most comprehensive and actionable information for smarter decision-making.

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