Bloomberg Government Now Offers an Integrated Salesforce Solution For Government Contracting

WASHINGTON, DC (May 11, 2020) — Bloomberg Government today announced that an integrated and customized instance of Salesforce is now provided as part of its platform for government contracting customers. This integration with Salesforce allows Bloomberg Government customers to find, track, collaborate, and report progress on opportunities all in one place.

Bloomberg Government helps government contractors win opportunities and grow pipeline through best-in-class data and analytics. BGOV’s Opportunity Search generates 850% more opportunities than searches, and customers can now organize these opportunities seamlessly in Salesforce. Bloomberg Government is the only government contracting solution to offer access to Salesforce as a built-in aspect of its product.

“With Salesforce fully integrated into BGOV, subscribers now have access to not only the data, tools, and resources they expect from us, but also the productivity solutions that have made Salesforce the standard in the industry.” said Donald Thomas, Bloomberg Government’s vice president and general manager.

To request a demonstration of Bloomberg Government’s Salesforce integration, visit

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